Introduction Редактиране

Each server's world is divided into islands (with the same base map for each server). Each island has coordinates, eastings and southings. Coordinates above 100 and below 0 exist but are merely ocean. Within the island area, about half of the coordinate points are also just ocean.

Viewing Редактиране

Clicking the Show World icon displays the part of the map around the selected town. To see other islands, use the big arrows or enter coordinates and click the little curved arrow. From any point on the map, a click on any island shows some detail about it in the left-hand panel, and a second click opens it in Island view.

Statistics Редактиране

The Ikariam world contains 5,351 islands, which are distributed with the following resources and miracles:

Resource Islands Percentage
 Wine 1,384 25.86%
 Marble small 1,411 26.37%
 Crystal Glass 1,261 23.57%
 Sulphur small 1,295 24.20%
Resource Islands Percentage

Miracle Islands Percentage
Ares' Stronghold 903 16.88%
Colossus 966 18.05%
Demeter's Gardens 398 7.44%
Hades' Holy Grove 436 8.15%
Hephaistos' Forge 355 6.63%
Temple of Athene 366 6.84%
Temple of Hermes 964 18.01%
Temple of Poseidon 963 18.00%
Miracle Islands Percentage

List of islands Редактиране

Each server has the same map. Below you will find an tab that will direct you to the Island lists.


What an island holds Редактиране

Each island has flagged spaces marked with a Vacant (non-premium) island space, which can hold up to ten (10) original towns and six (6) colonies. There is also one (1) premium spot marked with a Vacant (premium) island spot that can be purchased with ambrosia  Ambrosia, for a total of seventeen (17) towns per island. Any space vacated by a closed account or by using the move town function, can be recolonized or have another town moved into the vacant spot.

Each island also has:

  1. a shared Saw Mill.
  2. a shared Luxury Resource, which will be one of the following: Vineyard  Wine, Quarry  Marble small, Crystal mine  Crystal Glass, or Sulphur pit  Sulphur small.
  3. a Miracle, which will be one of the following: Ares' Stronghold, Colossus, Demeter's Gardens, Hades' Holy Grove, Hephaistos' Forge, Temple of Athene, Temple of Hermes or Temple of Poseidon.
  4. an Agora (Island forum), where the residents of the island can discuss about issues concerning the island or other topics.

Furthermore, only the island where your Capital is has a Barbarian village on it, which you can pillage up to 15 times and then disappears. With each attack Barbarian village gets tougher, with more Barbarians and a Wall (Don't worry beginners, the first few Levels of Barbarian village don't have a Wall)

Dοnations to the shared island resources Редактиране

Acceptance into the Island community is the most important step for peace in the region. This is easily done by contributing wood  Wood small towards extensions of the Island buildings like the Saw mill, the Luxury Resource and the Miracle.

Promoting Donations Редактиране

Each island may introduce a one-time tax or "investment contribution", of example 100 logs (units) of Building Material, per engaged worker in the saw mill or other island buildings. Every contribution over the amount of tax is considered a donation. Players that have paid the required tax are automatically designated as island senators and may vote in island issues. New colonialists to the island need not fear, the contributions are automatically not very much for small towns. Who has problems with wood cannot argue, should then employ less workers until the contributions are paid. For island buildings greater than Level 20, the minimum contribution should be raised to 200 then increasingly.

Leeching Редактиране

Leeching is the when a player is not contributing to the raw material sources. Leechers are often pillaged as a warning to start contributing, and their wood that is pillaged may be donated to the Saw mill or Luxury Resource mine. The other luxury resources may be donated to the island's Miracle or confiscated as compensation for lost production. This usually ensures that all players contribute.

Advantages of donating Редактиране

As the level of the island building increases so the possible production amount does. When searching for new colonies the level of island buildings is important, islands with higher levels much more attractive and more in demand. Therefore, islands with higher levels are filled quicker and when 16 city spaces are filled no temporary raid-colony can be established for ground attacks.

Island forum (Agora) Редактиране

There is an island forum, also called Agora, on each island, that is a special building which allows players on that island to communicate and discuss. You can access it either by clicking it from the Island View or by clicking the Diplomacy Advisor and then its link in the part titled Agora of the left-hand side menu. Players that don't have a town on the island are not allowed to view or post on the island forum.

Military significance of each island Редактиране

Troops attacking another town on the same island do not need to be transported in Cargo Ships and can attack even if the target has warships at their harbor, whereas an attack from another island may be foiled by such a fleet.

Island images Редактиране

World map view Редактиране

These are the 10 styles of islands you may show up on in your "world map" view

Image #
Image Even
Image #
1 Файл:Tile island01.gif 2 Файл:Tile island02.gif
3 Файл:Tile island03.gif 4 Файл:Tile island04.gif
5 Файл:Tile island05.gif 6 Файл:Tile island06.gif
7 Файл:Tile island07.gif 8 Файл:Tile island08.gif
9 Файл:Tile island09.gif 10 Файл:Tile island10.gif
Image #
Image Even
Image #

Island view Редактиране

These are the 5 styles of islands you may show up on in your "island" view.

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