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• 7/18/2018

Workshop upgrades

How does the workshop upgrades work?
So I need to have a workshop in the same level in every city, or just one?
If I have a workshop in one city but build a unit in another city, does that unit get the upgrade?
Does my units recive the upgrades if I upgrade it, after I have build it, or do I need to make new units after each upgrade?

Thanks from the new guy :-)
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• 1/12/2018


Hello, i don`t know to who to talk about Serbian Ikariam, i m getting bans for anything, i got a ban when i say some one "don`t be horse" or "shut up" or "go away".
This last ban is when i ask Admin that like my ban is not a valid ban(i m banned becouse i didnt register sharing IP), becouse i say him/her like: i dont need to share IP becouse i dont have any contact with those 2-3 acc, we are playing from one IP (2-3 mates), becouse we are using Wi-Fi of my mate... And when i say to Admin like "go away" he/she ban me for 1 year. The reason of ban is i make rude things to them. But if u read, you can see that i didn`t. All of you, all, when get ban start to be mad becouse there wasn`t reason, when i answer to them, they ban me 1year, why ? Maybe becouse i attack them in game and killing them "generals" or idk.... I need help, me and my mates spend money too for Ambrozia... And we are banned for no reason, i mean we are all banned, but only i talk with those admins, they have no reason for any ban. And i m wondering if there is chance for an unban, if is possible, becouse we are spending all time in Ika... and at all, money. Thank you (sorry for bad english)
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• 12/6/2017

Tutorial Mission

Hi, i just started the tutorial but accidentally clicked that i dont need it and now it disappeared. i cant find it anymore how can i reactivate it? please help me, im desperate. they told me it gives much at the end.
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• 11/27/2017

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