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     Vorlage:Alt-Lang in anderen Sprachen: bg: Bg • el: Gr • es: ( Ar-Cl-Mx-Es-Ve ) • fi: Fi • fr: Fr • hu: Hu • he: Il • it: ( It-Sm-Va ) • nl: Nl • pl: Pl • pt: Pt • pt-br: Br • ro: Ro • sr: Rs und sv: Se


Shows links to Alternate language ikariam wiki's in Wikia's network using this format {{Alt-Lang|code|pagename}} - If you do not put a pagename then it will link to the main page of the wiki.

If there are more than 1 language to be linked then you must have a pagename or a blank space if there is no pagename (this will link to the main page of that wiki) before you put the next language tag.

{{Alt-Lang|ar|pagename|el}} or {{Alt-Lang|ar| }|el}}

The parameter |altlink= can be used when the template is used for a specific section of a page as well

{{Alt-Lang|ar|blank space|eg|altlink=Usage}} or {{Alt-Lang|ar| |el|altlink=Usage}} will produce:

     Usage in anderen Sprachen: ar: ( Las [ Dz-Bh-Eg-Sa-Ae ] ) und el: Gr

Language and Country codes

This template uses 2 sub-templates {{Alt-Lang/Flag}} and {{Alt-Lang/Cat}}.

{{Alt-Lang/Flag}} checks to make sure the language coded entered is a valid code (assigned to the template) and displays the link that appear before the flags as well as the flags.
{{Alt-Lang/Cat}} adds the actual language codes to the pages as well as the categories to the pages.
This feature can be disabled if you add doc= as a parameter (preferably as the last parameter entered) in {{Alt-Lang}}.

These codes will link to the correct Ikariam wiki in Wikia's system:

ar, bg, el, en, es, fi, fr, he, hu, it, lt, nl, pl, pt, pt-br, ro, ru, sv, sr, vi, zh and zh-hant
     Vorlage:Alt-Lang in anderen Sprachen: ar: ( Las [ Dz-Bh-Eg-Sa-Ae ] ) • bg: Bg • el: Gr • en: ( Gb-Us ) • es: ( Ar-Cl-Mx-Es-Ve ) • fi: Fi • fr: Fr • he: Il • hu: Hu • it: ( It-Sm-Va ) • lt: Lt • nl: Nl • pl: Pl • pt: Pt • pt-br: Br • ro: Ro • ru: Ru • sv: Se • sr: Rs • vi: Vn • zh: Cn und zh-hant: ( Cn-Hk-Cn-Mo-Cn-Tw )

If you use a code that has not been put into the template (example: A new language wikia that has been started but not been entered and linked) to (we will use de and kk for this example):

     Vorlage:Alt-Lang in anderen Sprachen: Dies ist das Deutsche Wiki, weshalb der Code de nicht verwendet werden kann! This is the German wiki so you can not use the following language code: de
Es tut uns leid, aber der Code für kk ist zur Zeit nicht in der Vorlage {{Alt-Lang/Flag}} vorhanden!

Valid language codes on this wiki

This template uses the (ISO 169-1, ISO 169-2 and ISO 169-3) Language codes found on Wikipedia

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