Connecting Language bar to other langues and proper pages Modifier

To make other languages show up in the language bar add the following language tags to the page - (Note: These links are for the MAIN page of each language):

[[en:]] = English
[[nl:]] = Nederland (Dutch)
[[fi:]] = Finland (Finnish)
[[fr:]] = France (French)
[[hu:]] = Hungary
[[pl:]] = Poland (Polish)
[[sr:]] = Serbia (Serbian)
[[sv:]] = Sweden (Swedish)

The same links with a page name will take you to that specific page in that language (If the page exists):

[[en:List_of_buildings]] = English List of buildings
[[en:Category:Buildings]] = English Category:Buildings
[[nl:Lijst_van_gebouwen]] = Dutch List of buildings</nowikik><br/> <nowiki>[[fi:Rakennukset]] = Finnish Buildings
[[fr:B%C3%A2timents]] = French Buildings
[[hu:Kateg%C3%B3ria:%C3%89p%C3%BCletek]] = Hungary Category:Buildings
[[pl:Kategoria:Budynki]] = Polish Category:Buildings
[[sr:List_of_buildings]] = Serberian List of buildings
[[sv:Kategori:Byggnader]] = Swedish Category:Buildings
[[sv:Byggnader]] = Swedish Buildings
( Morph | Contribs | Talk ) 1 septembre 2008 à 17:03 (UTC)

Posible Templates you may want for this siteModifier

You might want to copy / translate the following templates over for use on this site from the English Language Ikariam wiki - Feel free to use any Template, Image, or information from our site - just be sure to get permision from images that were special made by people for their private use or for strict use on the English site - otherwise copy / modify away

{{HeadingA}} {{HeadingB}} {{HeadingC}} {{Col-begin}} {{Col-2}} {{Col-3}} {{Col-4}} {{Col-5}} {{Col-6}} {{Col-end}} {{Col-Tocright}} {{Welcome}} {{WelcomeIP}} {{Alt-Lang}}
These are the basics - I was starting to copy them over but Translation isues would create a great deal more work for you all expecialy some of the categories - so I stoped - so you can translate and copy them just one time - instead of having to move / translate and change any existing links to them etc -- ( Morph | Contribs | Talk ) 4 septembre 2008 à 20:37 (UTC)

Venir répondre aux questions. Modifier


Bonne idée de poser des questions sur sur Wikiréponses; mais j'invite aussi vos membres à venir régulièrement répondre aux questions restées sans réponse dans votre catégorie.

Bien cordialement. Lionel

Nouveaux articlesModifier


Dans ce wiki sur Ikariam, j'ai remarqué qu'il n'y avait aucun article sur les dieux et la religion. Donc j'aimerais que nous commencions quelques articles de ce genre pour pouvoir compléter ce wiki.

Cordialement,Ikariam-fan avril 18, 2011 à 20:19 (UTC)

Rajout Modifier

Je rajoute une vidéo sur la page d'acceuilModifier

Cordialement, Ikariam-fan avril 22, 2011 à 16:17 (UTC)Modifier

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