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  • I need the Image license template {{Cc-by-sa-3.0}} unlocked along with its documentation page there is no documentation page yet - Thanks

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    • unlocked

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    • Thanks -- I will get to it tomorrow -- takeing the rest of the day / night off from both wikis now

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  • You may want to look at the the following MediaWiki: files

    1. MediaWiki:Deletereason-dropdown - Reasons for deleteing Article pages
    2. MediaWiki:Filedelete-reason-dropdown - Reasons for deleting Images
    3. MediaWiki:Ipboptions - Lengths of baned / blocked editors to the wiki
    4. MediaWiki:Ipbreason-dropdown - Reasons for Banning / Blocking editors of the wiki
    5. MediaWiki:Licenses - This should be copied over from the English site as it contains all of the image licenses that I am copying over to your wiki.
    6. MediaWiki:Pagetitle - This is the title that shows up in the Browser header and tabs, except for when on the Main page
    7. MediaWiki:Pagetitle-view-mainpage -This one is for when you are on the main page, displayed in the Browser header and tabs
    8. MediaWiki:Protectedpagewarning - This is the warning bubble thing you see when you try to edit a page that has been sysop protected
    9. MediaWiki:Uploadtext - This is the text that is show on the page when you upload an image using Special:Upload
    10. MediaWiki:Welcome-enabled - This page controls who the welcome bot will greet for you, when they make their 1st edit on your wikie (English greets all)
    11. MediaWiki:Welcome-message-anon - This is the greeting message for Anonomous or ip numbers (if enabled above)
    12. MediaWiki:Welcome-message-log - This is the message displayed in the Special:WikiActivity and Special:Recentchanges logs - when a new member is welcomed
    13. MediaWiki:Welcome-message-user - This is the greeting message for Registered users -- when you do not have the Message Wall option turned on
    14. MediaWiki:Welcome-message-wall-user - This is what is places on their wall since we are using wall messages -- when the Message Wall option is turned on
    15. MediaWiki:Welcome-user-page - This is how the welcome bot wil set up the new users page when they make thier 1st edit on your page
    16. MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation - This is where you place whatever pages you want to be displayed in the wiki navigation tabs at the to of the pages (might want to look at the English site for ideas on what you want here)

    For more information on the Welcome-bot settings - see [[Aide:Outil de bienvenue]]

    WOW, I had forgotten that I had to set up all of those differen things (I was not the founder but when I became a sysop and later bureaucrat - I had to modify those and many more actualy -- these are the MAIN ones

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  • They are not putting any licenses on their images on this wiki -- this is NOT good!

    I am going to go ahead and add the images to this wiki that will make {{Alt-Lang}} work for now

    Tomorrow, I will copy a few Image license templates over for you to have - so that at least these images will be done correctly

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    • Alright thank you (again!). I created a template named {{Traduction}}, feel free to use it, it will add the page/section/template/image to a Must be translated category.

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    • I realized that I did not finish updating my image licenses to add all of the proper categories. So, I was doing that on my wiki and then copying the templates over to your wiki.

      I still have 2 or 3 more templates to go before I can start adding the licenses to the templates and then adding the licenses to the existing images on your wiki.

      P.S. Concerning the template {{Alt-Lang}} - The pages that had the template on them before I just updated it, will need to be edited and have the colon infront of the pagename section removed - that was a requirement of the old template.

      I will try to get to that after I finish with the image licenses

      P.P.S. Do not forget to update your MediaWiki:License page so that these licenses will show up on the Image Upload page. All licenses are here now, I am just making them add the images to more categories than what they were orginally doing.

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  • For some reason this wiki is not linked to the Arabic (ar:), Hebrew (he:, Latvian (lt:), Russian (ru:) nor the two Chinese (zh: + zh-hant:) language wikis. I know I put in those requests for all wikis when each new language was added

    I will put in a new request to have your wiki re-linked to those other wikis as well - so that:

    1. You should be linked to them in the 1st place, so that you will have the same interwiki connections as we do
    2. Alt-Lang will not be showing red links everywhere

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  • I need the documentation page unlocked as well - so I can add the examples

    I was translating some of the text inside of the template but I think I had best stop doing that and let you do it when you get to it later. I will problably be butchering the language and I do not wish to do that.

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    • Officially, that is not required

      I have been adding the categories:
      [[Category:Redirected pages]]
      [[Category:Units|Unit name]] or [[Category:Ships|Ship name]]
      but no that is not required -- that is my personal project that I do off / on to break up the monotony of whaterver I am doing over / over / over like we talked about the other day.

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    • understood, I will adopt the same behavior in order to not get bored ! :)

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