At the moment, Ikariam is available in approximately 31 languages for over 5 countries.

For the most part each country gets 1 name-space server (ie., en., fr., il., tr., us., etc, ... ) with the exceptions of "China", the "Balkans" and the "United Arab Emirates" (UAE).
China gets 2 name-space servers. [1]
The Balkans gets 4 name-space servers. [2]
The UAE gets 1 name-space server. [3]
Each name-space operates several World servers. [4]

All servers do not always run the same version of the Ikariam game at the same time, in particular, when a new patch is released. [5]


  1. CN for mainland China (shut down), TW for Taiwan and HK for the Hong Kong section of China.
  2. GR for Greece, BG for Bulgaria, RS for Serbia, and BALKAN or servers to cover the other 6 countries (Albania • Bosnia and Herzegovina • Croatia • Kosovo • Macedonia • Montenegro).
  3. The UAE or servers are used by all 7 of the UAE countries (Abu Dhabi • Ajman • Dubai • Fujairah • Ras al-Khaimah • Sharjah • Umm al-Quwain) as well as Egypt and Saudi Arabia because they all speak in the Arabic language.
  4. World servers are the actual game servers that you play on with names such as Alpha, Beta, ... , Speed and Test.
  5. Gameforge applies new patches to the Test servers 1st and when they are satisfied with the patch they will then start applying it to the normal game servers.
    It will take from 3 days to 4 weeks (1 month) to apply the patch to all of the remaining servers, providing there are no problems applying the patch to the other server.

Other Region Servers

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