This category contains all of the World servers. Below you can see the Greek alphabet letters used as server names as well as the ones not used and any special servers hosted by Ikariam.

Greek alphabet
Letter Server # Server Name Letter Server # Server Name
Αα 1 Alpha Νν 13 Ny / Nu
Ββ 2 Beta Ξξ 14 Xi
Γγ 3 Gamma Οο 15 Omikron / Omicron
Δδ 4 Delta Ππ 16 Pi
Εε 5 Epsilon Ρρ 17 Rho
Ζζ 6 Zeta Σσς 18 Sigma
Ηη 7 Eta Ττ 19 Tau
Θθ 8 Theta Υυ 20 Upsilon
Ιι 9 Iota Φφ 21 Phi
Κκ 10 Kappa Χχ 22 Chi
Λλ 11 Lambda Ψψ 23 Psi
Μμ 12 My / Mu Ωω 24 Omega
Obsolete letters - NOT USED
Digamma Qoppa
San Sampi
Other characters - NOT USED
Stigma Sho
Special servers
Test servers Speed servers

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Other World Servers

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