Each server has the same map. Here are the islands, with their co-ordinates, luxury resources, and miracles.

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Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Babios 34:75  Sulphur small Colossus
Bacios 64:37  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Badaos 13:15  Crystal small Colossus
Baegoos 53:94  Crystal small Colossus
Baiciios 47:71  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Bailoios 56:34  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Baitios 50:67  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Baizios 20:37  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Balios 56:67  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Banaeos 93:70  Sulphur small Colossus
Banaetia 41:19  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Banaos 61:31  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Banatia 06:89  Marble small Colossus
Baneatia 62:78  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Baneeos 64:34  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Baneitia 61:83  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Baneos 73:96  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Baneyos 21:64  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Banitia 22:91  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Banoios 63:55  Sulphur small Colossus
Banoos 10:83  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Banootia 62:70  Marble small Colossus
Banotia 46:41  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Banoutia 02:55  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Banuitia 01:16  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Banutia 04:10  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Banyos 05:41  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Banytia 03:86  Sulphur small Colossus
Barios 63:93  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Basaios 99:81  Wine small Colossus
Batios 67:34  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Batyos 99:75  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Baubios 57:70  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Baulios 17:52  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Bawios 12:56  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Bayhios 35:70  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Bayios 05:57  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Bazios 03:68  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Bealios 63:37  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Bearoios 66:59  Crystal small Colossus
Beawoios 27:56  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Bedios 05:46  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Beduios 05:17  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Beehoios 43:37  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Beeryios 93:72  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Beigios 97:20  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Beimyos 31:26  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Beinios 28:05  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Bejios 42:59  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Bekyos 86:03  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Belaitia 76:68  Sulphur small Colossus
Belatia 44:94  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Belautia 22:39  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Beleatia 22:83  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Beleos 05:63  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Beletia 39:91  Wine small Colossus
Beleutia 96:67  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Beleytia 19:31  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Belietia 17:03  Marble small Colossus
Belitia 84:63  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Beloos 93:08  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Belotia 07:60  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Beluos 24:50  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Belutia 36:80  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Belyos 10:82  Marble small Colossus
Belytia 39:83  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Benuos 83:53  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Besios 33:16  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Beucaios 70:04  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Beuluios 17:72  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Beumios 35:50  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Beunios 93:09  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Beurios 79:71  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Bexuos 15:04  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Beyios 38:17  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Beyreios 21:17  Marble small Colossus
Bezios 56:92  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Biamuios 49:02  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Biaxaos 17:59  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Bicios 92:67  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Bidios 21:77  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Biecios 89:94  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Bifios 95:55  Wine small Colossus
Bikios 100:69  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Bimios 11:70  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Binnoos 82:100  Marble small Colossus
Biphuios 60:27  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Birios 73:55  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Bisaos 06:78  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Biseios 85:06  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Bitios 72:84  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Bituos 72:14  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Blabios 85:31  Crystal small Colossus

Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Blafios 41:44  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Blailios 35:08  Marble small Colossus
Blakios 03:39  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Blalios 27:04  Crystal small Colossus
Blanios 11:80  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Blarios 65:07  Wine small Colossus
Blaruios 16:96  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Blasios 81:81  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Blasoos 07:20  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Blaucios 62:06  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Blaudios 02:25  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Blausoos 17:37  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Blaysaios 50:98  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Bledios 07:91  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Bleecios 05:60  Sulphur small Colossus
Bleemios 75:10  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Bleihios 10:26  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Bleloos 64:99  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Blemios 34:03  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Blereos 48:94  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Bleufios 39:02  Sulphur small Colossus
Bleuyaos 74:90  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Bleuzios 52:26  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Bleynios 11:53  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Bleyroios 71:100  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Blialuios 27:64  Crystal small Colossus
Blibios 01:86  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Bliedios 18:95  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Bliefios 84:30  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Blietios 55:68  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Blifios 21:11  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Blihios 71:12  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Blildiios 31:96  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Blilios 74:06  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Blinaios 57:43  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Blinios 64:36  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Blirios 25:85  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Blivuios 16:23  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Blixios 60:55  Crystal small Colossus
Bliyios 62:10  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Blobeos 06:52  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Bloenios 78:44  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Bloeseios 78:24  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Blofeos 09:87  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Blofios 91:16  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Bloifios 89:30  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Blolios 77:93  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Blookios 57:73  Wine small Colossus
Blostuios 82:38  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Blotios 95:26  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Blouleos 50:04  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Blounaos 05:54  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Blourios 18:80  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Blouseos 28:66  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Bloutios 47:81  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Blouvios 91:17  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Bluinaios 86:52  Crystal small Colossus
Bluinios 11:42  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Blujios 57:58  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Blukeos 08:81  Crystal small Colossus
Bluldios 69:47  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Blunios 62:39  Marble small Colossus
Blusaos 49:60  Marble small Colossus
Blusios 13:28  Sulphur small Colossus
Blutios 40:45  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Blygios 35:15  Sulphur small Colossus
Blynios 49:70  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Blyvoos 55:81  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Blyxios 21:05  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Bobios 11:40  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Bocaios 28:06  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Bocios 63:96  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Bockoios 46:73  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Bocoos 75:75  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Bocyios 61:38  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Boecaios 48:87  Wine small Colossus
Boedios 74:65  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Boelios 85:50  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Boenios 92:47  Crystal small Colossus
Boesios 67:86  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Boethaos 19:60  Wine small Colossus
Bofaios 69:07  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Bofios 76:42  Wine small Colossus
Boidiios 53:77  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Boikios 21:51  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Boivyos 90:84  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Boldeios 05:24  Sulphur small Colossus
Bomios 73:100  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Bonios 77:48  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Bontaos 33:43  Marble small Colossus
Booduios 97:32  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Boolyios 60:16  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Bopios 98:07  Crystal small Temple of Hermes

Island Coordinates Luxury Miracle
Borios 68:77  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Boshuios 31:87  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Bosios 59:06  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Bosoios 93:16  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Bothuos 37:21  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Botiios 66:39  Sulphur small Colossus
Bozios 95:62  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Brabios 85:17  Crystal small Colossus
Bracheios 90:09  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Brairaos 33:48  Wine small Colossus
Brajuos 13:94  Crystal small Temple of Hermes
Braltuos 41:68  Marble small Colossus
Branios 43:65  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Brarios 37:60  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Brasaos 50:54  Sulphur small Ares' Stronghold
Bratuios 01:15  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Brautiios 68:69  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Breabios 66:23  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Breafuios 70:68  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Bredios 04:73  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Breetiios 81:94  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Breisios 54:39  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Breiyuos 56:70  Wine small Colossus
Brelaios 20:15  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Breroos 29:44  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Bresoos 83:99  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Bresuios 75:57  Marble small Colossus
Breulios 26:93  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Brewios 53:57  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Breyrios 90:71  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Bribeos 75:41  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Brikyios 36:99  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Brilios 39:51  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Bripios 09:96  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Bririos 28:88  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Briruios 27:50  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Brisios 68:30  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Brivios 48:07  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Brobios 79:23  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Brobyos 28:08  Sulphur small Colossus
Brockeios 83:17  Crystal small Colossus
Broenaios 57:04  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Broleos 56:07  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Bromaos 15:35  Crystal small Temple of Poseidon
Bronyios 51:99  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Broozyos 05:34  Crystal small Colossus
Broriios 34:94  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Broseios 06:05  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Broshios 19:80  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Brosios 71:76  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Brourtuios 10:70  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Browios 51:49  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Brubiios 78:16  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Brugoos 64:81  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Bruhios 62:77  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Bruimaios 15:63  Wine small Temple of Poseidon
Bruseos 77:91  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Brustoos 34:93  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Brybuos 09:70  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Brylaos 48:27  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Brylios 27:89  Wine small Colossus
Bubuios 40:29  Sulphur small Temple of Poseidon
Bucaos 11:74  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Bucios 21:63  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Buinios 15:36  Sulphur small Colossus
Bukios 37:67  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Bukuos 56:15  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Bulios 06:37  Marble small Temple of Poseidon
Buraetia 20:82  Wine small Ares' Stronghold
Buraos 17:21  Sulphur small Colossus
Buratia 60:47  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Burauos 20:17  Crystal small Ares' Stronghold
Bureios 73:12  Marble small Colossus
Buretia 08:56  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Burieos 09:94  Crystal small Colossus
Burietia 61:03  Marble small Temple of Hermes
Burios 56:59  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Buroos 90:67  Marble small Hades' Holy Grove
Burootia 14:12  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Burotia 46:20  Marble small Colossus
Buroutia 66:86  Sulphur small Temple of Hermes
Buruos 97:12  Sulphur small Hephaistos' Forge
Burutia 36:21  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Burytia 56:43  Sulphur small Colossus
Buvios 62:47  Marble small Ares' Stronghold
Bylios 93:86  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Bymyios 05:61  Wine small Colossus
Byndaios 74:80  Sulphur small Colossus
Bypios 14:53  Crystal small Temple of Athene
Bysios 33:20  Wine small Demeter's Gardens
Bytoios 32:80  Wine small Temple of Hermes
Bywios 87:14  Marble small Colossus

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