Patch 0.1.6
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Alliance highscores
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Patch 0.1.5 Patch

New Features Modifica

  • Alliance Highscore.
  • Messages are deleted automatically after a week latest.
  • Attackers who do not weather more than one battle round do no longer get a combat report.

Bugs Fixed Modifica

  • Delete button at the messages works again.
  • Risk of discovery corrected for spies.
  • Right risk is shown while sending out a spy.
  • Spy messages now works correct.
  • Fixed several SQL-mistakes.
  • No longer able to arrange a treaty with yourself.
  • Crystal glass costs for ship upgrades are shown correctly now.
  • Improved diverse mistakes and views at the alliance system.
  • Needed resources for the Palace are shown correctly.
  • Transport and colonize - it is now possible to enter more than 9,999 resources at the input box.

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