Patch 0.2.5
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Ikariam Plus fixes
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Patch 0.2.4 Patch

New Features Modifica

  • Ikariam Plus: better resource arrangement within the town advisor
  • Ikariam Plus: all buildings within the town advisor on total view
  • Ikariam Plus: coordinates in city drop down shown beside the names
  • Ikariam Plus: + Buttons on advisors will lead directly to the specific premium overview

Bugs Fixed Modifica

  • banned users not longer automatic set into vacation mode
  • own troop movements shown as attack
  • combat reports don't show real plundered loot
  • troop improvements don't override wall bonus anymore
  • wrong score in alliance overview
  • alliance- / highscore error's fixed
  • alliance members not marked in highscore
  • indication error in wonder display with IE 7 fixed
  • max. in trading port does not work / trading ships for free
  • max. display on wonder fixed
  • page refreshes after research is ready
  • slider don't insert 9999 anymore while dismissing troops
  • incorrect tooltip fixed
  • city graphic is conform with size of city
  • total costs for port blockade fixed
  • line break in messages become HTML-Newlines
  • main town buttons shown without insufficient governor´s residence
  • port blockade: travel time not shown
  • "report message"-Button no longer shown
  • spy reports won't by to large anymore
  • educate spies not possible any longer

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