Patch 0.2.6
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Full effect of corruption
Cronologia delle Patch
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New Features Modifica

  • Improvement of the Highscore and the player search
  • Coordinates in the town drop-down are now available for all players
  • Detailed combat reports show all modifications
  • Full effect of corruption
  • The list to choose the town is also able to show luxury goods (adjustable at options)
  • Tooltip with detailed unit values at the combat report

Bugs Fixed Modifica

  • Added missing research descriptions
  • You are able to build spies when one got lost before
  • Fixed viewing error of banned players without vacation mode
  • Town names have been interchanged in the trading fleet reports
  • Town names have been interchanged at a fleet recall
  • Page after the premium trader improved
  • Resource storage and the trader do no longer ignore the resources at the trading post
  • While creating a colony you are not able to view the wonder list
  • Trading ships did not come back after a blockade
  • Sort by price at the trading post
  • Able to spy if someone is online
  • After deconstruction the trading post the added bargains are deleted
  • Spies could also be used at towns which are at vacation mode
  • Fixed viewing error at the alliance highscore
  • Fleets could not be called back twice
  • Returning ships have not been marked as such
  • Countdown till the beginning of the next fight round
  • Results of the trading post search is paginated
  • Trading post can be destructed again

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