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New Features Modifica

  • Badword filter for the nick name when registering
  • The satisfaction of the own citizens gets lowered if treaties are broken or dissolved by attacks
  • Alliance: The Interior Ministers are now able to create different ranks with different rights and assign them to alliance members
  • Alliance: The General is able to see all attacks towards alliance member
  • Alliance: The General is able to see all military actions taken by alliance members (thus attacks and assistance troops) - he is also able to call them back
  • Alliance: The treaty overview shows a overview over all treaty sorts from the alliance members
  • While editing the external Alliance page you are able to see a preview
  • While colonising you are no longer able to take more resources along than could be stored in the town
  • Tooltip of the maximum storage capacity of a good extended with an trading post entry
  • Donation list at the raw material deposit overworked
  • Sorting of the military movements overworked
  • Defend harbour and town is possible again
  • Military advisor limited to 10 CR's/ messages per page
  • Function to report users at the island view
  • View of the unit upgrades adapted at the Ikipedia
  • Added a pillory for all users. The link can be found on the highscore page
  • Transport overview adapted
  • The own offers at the trading post, besides the one from the actual town, are visible again at the bargain finder
  • It is no longer possible to start actions by using the "back" or "reload" button from the browser
  • Different improvements to reduce loading times and to avoid "white pages"
  • New building destruction screen
  • After changing the E-Mail address it needs to be validated to be overtaken for the account.
  • Additional password request while changing the E-Mail address added
  • At the Tool-Tip from a town on the island view you are now also able to find the Highscore place of the user

Bugs Fixed Modifica

  • Viewing error of the Tool-Tip at the combat reports
  • Fleets were sometimes not shown in the trading port while being loaded
  • A wrong storage Tool-Tip has been shown at the trading post
  • When a own spy has been discovered the format of the report has been wrong
  • Reports of discovered spies could not be opened
  • Poseidon-wonder-permanent-effect has been wrong
  • Building time formula of spies has been wrong
  • Viewing error at the embassy with IE7
  • Resources could be produced during a trading post trade
  • Resources could be lost during a trading post trade
  • Some players had action points missing
  • Destruction of some buildings did not bring any resources
  • Wrong view at the military advisor. Attacker have been shown as occupying forces.
  • Sort by distance at the trading post has been wrong
  • Buying building material by using the trading post was incorrect
  • Trading post showed results which have been out of range
  • While attacking in waves some trading ships has been lost
  • No loot protection by the warehouse at special wave attacks
  • Troops could be send via the sea way also when there was a blockade
  • While the workshops was working on an upgrade you could build or destruct the building.
  • At the gold highscore where some users with negative entries
  • In some cases the town data have been switched in automatic messages
  • Viewing error at the diplomacy advisor with the IE
  • Erroneous view of the loading duration at the ship-/unit send screens
  • Free spies disappeared with special conditions
  • Erroneous view while accepting a trade offer at the IE
  • Building time from spies have been wrong with hideout level 21
  • Viewing error at the premium view of the diplomacy advisor
  • Error at the cultural goods arrangement screen
  • After a town change you came to not fitting sites
  • Ships with the mission colonization could not be called back
  • Advisor did shine after a new registration
  • Approximate costs for military actions have been calculated wrong
  • finished researches where only shown one click further
  • Mission time between own towns has been wrong
  • When de-constructing the hideout the wrong number of spies has been retired

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