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Patch 0.3.2 Patch 0.3.3

New Features Modifica

  • Added a display of morale in the detailed battle report
  • Espionage on garrison with artillery / air units is not possible anymore
  • Barbarians now have unlimited morale
  • Added a link from the academy to the research consultant
  • Reworked screen for the Town wall
  • Liberation of occupied cities by naval fleets is now prevented by stationing ships
  • Scattered units now cost the same upkeep as if they were on a mission
  • Message text written by a player is not lost on errors
  • In Ikipedia, in the entries for the art of war, the changes in the combat system have been adapted
  • Cooks only have effects on your own armies
  • Values of the air units adjusted, second air slot installed, shot sequence and goals changed in combat, shot distribution improved, ranged attack makes counter-strike with melee weapons if it is attacked by the enemy melee line
  • Morale indicators changed

Bug Fixes Modifica

  • Bugs with bans and vacation mode fixed
  • Fixed the bug which caused armies or fleets to be missing for too long
  • Given certain circumstances demolition of buildings lead to incorrect crediting of resources
  • When activating vacation mode units of allies were not scattered
  • Occupied cities could not be liberated if the owner was in vmode
  • If a player was deleted garrison rights with him weren't deleted as well
  • Display error in general's overview for ships
  • Sometimes attacking a barbarian village doubled the troops
  • Display error with military consultant
  • Rounding error with unit prices
  • Sometimes there was no wine consumption in wine towns
  • Fixed wrong listings in battle reports
  • Sometimes stationed troops showed a wrong owner
  • Fixed display errors with tool tips in IE
  • When demolishing a temple priests did not return to being citizens
  • Display error in premium city consultant
  • After deleting a player the cultural agreements were not properly cleaned up
  • Ikipedia unit data was missing the level of the barracks
  • The defense mission is no longer possible if an ally or yourself wants to raid the city
  • Troops could be moved from occupied cities without trading ships
  • After deleting a player the military agreements were not properly cleaned up
  • Fixed a bug that changed order of unit building queue
  • Without having an harbour you couldn't send out raids from occupied villages
  • Players with the same number of research may have different points in the research high-score. Here are some future research were counted more than once. With the fix they are now downgraded to the correct number.
  • Fixed a bug that caused differences in island and village conversion
  • White-screen with military consultant fixed
  • Fixed a bug that caused battles to freeze

Notes Modifica

  • This patch appeared as 0.3.2 unless you clicked on the game version to see that it was indeed Patch

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