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[sửa] Tài liệu

The action points can also be interpreted as "Number of things you can do at the same time". You acquire a new action point for every 3 levels of the Town Hall. Action points are spent when trading, pillaging and blockading. Each action costs one action point, regardless of the numbers of units and ships involved, and the action point is returned when the action is finished.

Action Points TotalSửa đổi

Action points are determined by the Town level. For every four levels one more action point is available. Each town has a base value of three action points. The following table displays the actions point to town level ratio.

Icon actionpoints Cấp của Tòa thị chính Tổng số Điểm hoạt động
1—3 3
4—7 4
8—11 5
12—15 6
16—19 7
20—23 8
24—27 9

Aborting actionsSửa đổi

Armies and fleets can be recalled when they are traveling to their destination. This will make them turn back immediately toward the town from which they came, but the action point will only be freed when they arrive. Thus, the further away they were, the longer it will take for them to get back. If an army has already arrived at its destination it can't be recalled until it finishes the mission.

When cargo ships are carrying goods between a player's own towns, they are freed up immediately when they arrive; when they are going to a foreign town, they must both leave and return, taking twice as long.