Production Building

Increases resource production ( Wood and Luxury resources)
Display commercial videos
Expansion requirements:
Use requirements:
Daily visit of the building


Cinetheater is a building that is not created or demolished by the user. This building is displayed in all the cities and offers rewards as a exchange for watching small commercial videos.

In-game Description[]

The comedies and dramas of the Cinetheatre make your workers happy and motivate them. Afterwards they will labour all the more. The cultural feature does not interest your workers in the slightest, yet it is the most favourite of the Gods! They will give you favour for it.


Cinetheater offers three (3) distinct rewards:

  • + 20 % wood Wood production
  • + 20 % luxury resource Luxury resources production of the island the city is.
  • 50 50 favor/favour Favours

The production rewards (the first two) have a 12-hour duration just for the city that the video was displayed. On the other hand, the third reward can be completed, whenever during the day and is renewed at midnight (server time).

If the display of the videos is paused or interrupted, you won't received the reward. You will have to wait equal time as the time needed for the paused or interrupted video to finish and then you will have to repeat the playbank to receive the reward.

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