Standard Building

Storage of resources
Depot / Waste Dump ( Economy )
Expansion requirements:
Wood Marble Crystal Glass Sulphur/Sulfur
Use requirements:


A Dump enables you to store large amounts of goods. Every extension level of the Dump can hold 32,000 units of each type of good. However, the Dump is not protected from pillagers.

Building Information[]

The Dump is used to store goods, in addition to the Warehouses. For every level of the Dump, you gain 32,000 additional storage capacity for each resource.

  • A Warehouse adds an additional 8,000 resource per level storage capacity, that is configured separately from this chart.
  • The Town hall adds an additional 1,500 1,500 wood and 1,500 each luxury good (other) storage capacity that is figured separately in this chart.
  • When a stored resource reaches 75% of the maximum allowed, the amount appears red. When the amount reaches 100%, the amount appears bold red. Any amount received beyond maximum is lost. To increase storage capacity, upgrade your Warehouse (or build another one).
  • You can double the amount of resources stored by the Warehouse, the Dump and the Town hall for 7 days by spending 24 24 ambrosia.
You can have only one Dump per town.
Unlike the Warehouse, the Dump does not provide protection from pillaging. The town's resource protection is based on the levels of the Warehouse(s) only.

Interaction with the Trading post[]

Same as with the Warehouse: When placing goods for sale in your Trading post, capacity is subtracted from the total available to your city. This will be reflected in the tool-tip shown when you hover on your resource totals. Any resources in your Trading post will not show up in the Warehouse or Dump screen and may take you over the "Safe" limit, so watch out. The resources "hidden" in the Trading post are susceptible of being pillaged.

Expansion Details[]

The time (in seconds) it takes to upgrade to the next level is determined by the following formula:

The accumulative time (in seconds) it takes to upgrade up to the next level is determined by the following formula:

Due to the large number of templates used to display the information on this building, we are breaking this building's expansion levels down into groups of 5, instead of the normal grouping of 10.

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