Governor's Residence
Governor's Residence

Standard Building

Mitigation of corruption
Expansion ( Seafaring )
Can only be built in a colony
Expansion requirements:
Wood Wine Marble Crystal Glass Sulphur/Sulfur
Use requirements:

Building Information[]

A governor in your colony guarantees that all the daily administrative tasks are done properly and lowers the level of corruption in your colony.

The Governor's Residence costs as much as the Palace and does not require Bureaucracy nor Governor - you can build it on a normal building ground (with a red flag on it) in your colonies - but it does require Expansion as it is needed to be built in your colonies in order to control corruption.

  • The Governor's Residence can also be upgraded to a Palace if you ever want to move your capital. However, if you change your capital by converting a Governor's Residence to a Palace, the Palace in your original Capital will be completely destroyed and you will then have to build and expand a Governor's Residence as a replacement for the Palace to remove the corruption that will be there.
  • You cannot shorten the build time of the Governor's Residence.

Expansion Details[]

The time (in seconds) it takes to upgrade to the next level is determined by the following formula:

The accumulative time (in seconds) it takes to upgrade up to the next level is determined by the following formula:

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