Helios Tower
Helios Tower

Production Building

Increase resource production
Expansion requirements:
No expansions available
Use requirements:
Lamp Oil


Tower Ruin
A Beacon of Inspiration

Ever since Helios Tower was reconstructed, its bright flame has been glowing for everyone beneath the skies! As long as it is illuminated, all of the island's resource mines will produce 10 % more resources for all players on the island!

As soon as the tower is built, the flame burns 21 days for free in honor of the generous constructor - afterwards all players can donate lamp oil to let the flame continue burning together.

Helios Tower ACTIVE

Active Helios Tower

Establish a lasting monument

You have the unique chance to breathe new life into this ancient ruin. You are the master builder and you alone decide what the tower should look like! From now on it will bear your name. Even if you decide to leave this island kingdom one day, your tower and your name will become part of the world of Ikariam for all eternity!

Helios Tower information

Helios Tower (Mobile)

The Helios tower is visible on the map, when built.
(Mobil version view)

  • The Helios Tower is a tower that can be built on island for cost of 449 Ambrosia and will be active for 21 days.
  • After the initial 21 days, it will take 40 Lamp Oil to keep it active for an additional 7 days.
  • This process will have to be repeated each week from this point on.
  • The tower will be named after the person that had originally created/built it, even if the creator, at a later time, deletes their account.

Ikariam Plus options

Tower Building Options

You can actually choose how Helios Tower will look like, using the 9 tiles below;  but to make it apply, you will have to pay ambrosia.

    Helios Tower-Top1     Helios Tower-Top2     Helios Tower-Top3    
  Helios Tower-Mid1   Helios Tower-Mid2   Helios Tower-Mid3  
  Helios Tower-Bot1   Helios Tower-Bot2   Helios Tower-Bot3  

Other Production Buildings

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