Pirate Fortress
Pirate Fortress

Standard Building

Allows Piracy
Piracy ( Seafaring )
Expansion requirements:
Wood and Marble
Use requirements:


A threatening pirate banner flies over your town's Pirate Fortress. The pirate who accumulates the most loot during a capture run can secure grandiose rewards. So that your capture points are not robbed from you, until the day of the position calculation you should strengthen your crew.

Capture Points[]

The capture points are acquired through the missions to capture or theft made by other players. Each round of competition in piracy, the 50 players that have the highest number of points will receive a reward for capturing resources. After receiving the reward their capture points will be reset and a new round begins. Capture points are represented in the game through the symbol of two crossed swords (Capture Point(s)).

Conversion into Crew strength[]

The capture points can be converted, adding strength to your crew. The conversion can be accomplished by clicking on the "Force crew" in view of the Pirate Fortress. The ten (10) capture points converted, one (1) point of strength is added to your crew. Each conversion will take a long time to complete. This time is related to the amount of capture points and converted may be calculated using the following formula:

  • when a conversion starts it cannot be stopped unless your are defeated from another player and lose all your capture points.
  • when you attack another player, you don't lose your capture points (because they are in your fortress) even if you are defeated.
  • when a raid occurs, neither yours nor the other player's exact crew strength is revealed.

Capture Missions[]

You can capture missions for gold and Capture Points . Each mission requires a level of expansion of the building and it takes a certain time until it is completed. Every two (2) levels of expansion of the fortress a new mission will be released, totaling nine (9) missions available capture. It is important to remember that these missions are carried out "virtually" against figures of the game and not against real players. Check out the schedule of missions and their rewards:

Target Image Target Duration  Time Gold  Gold Reward Capture Point(s) Fortress Level Capture Point(s) / secs
Smugglers Smugglers 2 m 30 s 40 115 1 0.767
Fishing boat Fishing Boat 7 m 30 s 96 276 3 0.613
Wine Transportation Wine Transportation 15 m 173 442 5 0.492
Merchant Ship Merchant Ship 30 m 311 707 7 0.393
Ram Ship Ram Ship 1 h 560 1,131 9 0.314
Diving Boat Diving Boat 2 h 1,008 1,810 11 0.251
Diplomat Ship Diplomat Ship 4 h 1,814 2,896 13 0.201
Castaways Castaways 8 h 3,265 4,634 15 0.161
Phoenicians Phoenicians 16 h 5,877 7,414 17 0.129
Target Image Target Duration  Time Gold  Gold Reward Capture Point(s) Fortress Level Capture Point(s) / secs
  1. If your building is not at a high enough level for a mission then you will see the following image in place of the Target Image(s) shown in the table above: Unavailable Mission
  2. If you have a Pirate Fortress in multiple towns then they will be linked together, meaning that:
    1. If you start a capture mission in one town then you will NOT be able to start any additional capture missions in any town until that original mission is completed.
    2. Your base crew number is the accumulation of all of your Pirate Fortresses building levels x2 in an all of your towns + your converted capture points into crew strength + your bonus crew strength.

Ranking List[]

The ranking list are reset every three (3) weeks at 18:00 (server time) and will always be on a Sunday.
This list is evaluated every day at 18:00 (server time).

  • During the last 24 hours before the reset, the evaluation will occur at every 30 minute interval.


Rank Multiplier
1st 2.75
2nd 2.5
3rd 2.25
4th 2
5th 1.75
6th 1.5
7th 1.375
8th 1.25
9th 1.125
10th 1
11th – 20th 0.875
21st – 30th 0.75
31st – 50th 0.5
Rank Multiplier

After the final evaluation the first fifty (50) players with the most capture points Capture Point(s) will receive a reward.

This reward depends on the position, rank, of the player in the Top 50 list + the amount of safe capacity the player has in each of it's town.

The rank of the player gives a coefficient (see table below) that is multiplied with the safe capacity of each city the player owns and then after the final evaluation (after 3 weeks) each city gets the equal amount of each resource ( Wood + Luxury resources) multiplied by the respective coefficient.

  • The formula that calculates the given amount of resources in each city is:
  • The maximum amount of each resource a player can receive with 12 cities and completed expansion for all 4 warehouses: 76,900 (total safe capacity) × 12 (cities) × 2.75 (max Multiplier):   2,537,700 Wood + Luxury resources
  • The maximum amount for all of the resources:   12,688,500 Wood + Luxury resources
The Ikariam Plus premium feature Padlock does NOT affect these reward amounts


On the following table, select the position (150) for which you want to calculate the resouces you can receive, the cities you own (112) and the warehouse levels for each of your cities (1160). The calculation is instant to any change you might do to the above parameters.

Expansion Details[]

Pirate Fortress does not follow any known construction time formula!

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