Trading port
Trading port l

Standard Building

The Purchasing and loading of Cargo Ships Cargo Ship for the exportation of resources and units
Expansion requirements:
Wood small and Marble small
Use requirements:
At least 1 Cargo Ship Cargo Ship


The port is your gateway to the world. Here you can hire trade ships and ready them for long journeys. You can also receive precious goods from places far away. Larger trading ports can load ships faster.

  • If a player has completed the research topic Dry-Dock, he can now choose whether he wants to add a shipyard or an additional trading port to the second port building ground. The second trading port increases loading speed.

Screen options

Garrison limit

The Trading port contributes to your Sea Garrison Limit.

Every level of the trading port provides +25 spaces for your ships.

New look

Expansion Details

Due to the large number of templates used to display the information on this building, we are breaking this building's expansion levels down into groups of 5, instead of the normal grouping of 10.

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