Trading post
Trading post l

Standard Building

Trading between players
Wealth ( Economy )
Expansion requirements:
Wood small Marble small
Use requirements:
Wood small Wine small Marble small Crystal small Sulphur small  Gold small


Merchants and traders do their business at the Trading post. There is always a deal to be made or a bargain to be had. However, merchants from far away tend to head for big and well known trading posts!

Building Information

At the trading post the player has the ability to make bargains to sell his goods for gold or to find deals and buy goods from other players for an amount of gold.

The capacity of your Trading post, is the total number of resources you can offer for sale at once and is increased with every expansion level. The range of your trading post is increased with every odd expansion level as well.

At levels 1 and 2 you see only your island and the immediately adjacent 1 island away.
At levels 3 and 4 you can see up to 2 islands away.
At levels 5 and 6 you can see up to 3 islands away.
At levels 7 and 8 you can see up to 4 islands away.
At levels 9 and 10 you can see up to 5 islands away.
  • You can see other players loading speeds, so that if you purchase resources, you can get an idea of how long it will take to load your purchase before your shipment is sent to you.

Expansion Details

The time (in seconds) it takes to upgrade to the next level is determined by the following formula: $ { \text{Building time (seconds)} = \left \lbrack \cfrac{108,000}{11} \times 1.1^\text{Level} - 9,360\right \rbrack } $

The accumulative time (in seconds) it takes to upgrade up to the next level is determined by the following formula: $ { \text{Accumulative building time (seconds)} = \left \lbrack 108,000 \times \left (\ 1.1^\text{Level} -\ 1\ \right ) - 9,360 \times \text{Level}\right \rbrack} $

Other Standard Buildings

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