Standard Building

Unit and Ship upgrades
Invention ( Science )
Expansion requirements:
Wood and Marble
Use requirements:
Crystal Glass and  Gold


The most skilled men of our town serve at the Workshop. They improve our troops and war ships equipment with the latest inventions. May they become even better and stronger! Every stage of improvement allows you to get more upgrades for troops and ships.

Building Information[]

The benefits of the Workshop apply retroactively to all of your existing units and ships, as well as to those trained later. They also apply to all of your colonies, regardless of whether you have a Workshop in that colony.

If the Workshop is demolished, all the acquired upgrades will be kept. So when all upgrades have been made, the building becomes useless and can be safely demolished. Having more than one Workshop built in your empire allows for simultaneous upgrades (one upgrade per Workshop).

There is no need to build your Workshop beyond level 28, as you can learn all upgrades for all units and ships at level 28.

Expansion Details[]

The time (in seconds) it takes to upgrade to the next level is determined by the following formula:

The accumulative time (in seconds) it takes to upgrade up to the next level is determined by the following formula:

Unit and Ship upgrades[]

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