Explanation of Production Buildings

All production buildings increase the production of a specific resource mine. ¿More production information needed?

Town Buildings

Alchemist's Tower

Alchemists tower l Research Required Improved Resource Gathering ( Economy )
Description When the wind blows west, a smell fills the streets around the tower and many a citizen doesn't leave the house without a peg on their nose.  Our alchemists work restlessly on finding the perfect mixture and take care that we can get even more sulphur out of the pit.
Effect Increases Sulphur small (Sulfur / Sulphur) production by 2% per level.
Special Can only be built on a Sulphur small Island.

Forester's House

Foresters house l Research Required Improved Resource Gathering ( Economy )
Description The strong lumberjacks can chop down even the largest trees.  But they also know, that a forest must be cultivated and new trees must be planted, so that we can continue to use only the best woods for our houses.
Effect Increases Wood small (Wood or Building Material) production by 2% per level.


Glassblower l Research Required Improved Resource Gathering ( Economy )
Description True masters of their art create sparkling pieces at the glassblower's house.  The blow tubes, glasses and all sorts of other apparatuses only our scientists understand.  And they are so handy, that things break only once in a while.
Effect Increases Crystal small (Crystal glass) production by 2% per level.
Special Can only be built on a Crystal small Island.


Stonemason l Research Required Improved Resource Gathering ( Economy )
Description A trained stonemason always quarries the right blocks of marble with his strong arms.  He breaks less and our builders always have the material they need.
Effect Increases Marble small (Marble) production by 2% per level.
Special Can only be built on a Marble small Island.


Winegrower l
Research Required Improved Resource Gathering ( Economy )
Description A Winegrower only chooses the most sunny hills of the surrounding area to cover them with the comforting green of the vines.  That's how the vineyards produce full fruits that make for a much better harvest.
Effect Increases Wine small (Wine) production by 2% per level.
Special Can only be built on a Wine small Island.


Research Required none
Description Cinetheater is a building that is not created or demolished by the user. This building is displayed in all the cities and offers rewards as a exchange for watching small commercial videos.
Effect In the town that it is used, it can=b Increase the Production of:
  1. Wood small
  2. Luxury Resources:
    Crystal small if on Crystal islands
    Marble small if on Marble islands
    Sulphur small if on Sulfur/Sulphur islands
    Wine small if on Wine islands
  3. Favour
  1. Each Effect last for 12 hours, then you can renew it on the same or different town
  2. You can watch only one (1) movie per Effect in 1 town per effect

Ambrosia Fountain

Ambrosia Fountain l
Research Required none
Description This palatial fountain incorporates the effigies of two deities holding aloft a cornucopia. Ambrosia once flowed unabated from this horn into the pool below, but since then the fountain seems to have dried up.

This spring has divine origins. If we pay homage to the gods and offer them gifts, we can make this fountain shine in great splendour once more.

If we pray at the fountain often enough and regularly empty the pool of Ambrosia, our efforts will be well rewarded!

Effect Gives out predetermined amounts of Ambrosia every 24 hours.
Special Requires 99 Ambrosia ambrosia in order to be activated.
Can not be built, destroyed no looted
Found only in the Capital.

Island Buildings

Helios Tower

Helios Tower Research Required none
Description Ever since Helios Tower was reconstructed, its bright flame has been glowing for everyone beneath the skies! As long as it is illuminated, all of the island's resource mines will produce 10 % more resources for all players on the island!

As soon as the tower is built, the flame burns 21 days for free in honor of the generous constructor - afterwards all players can donate lamp oil to let the flame continue burning together.

Effect Increases Wood small (wood) + Luxury (Luxury Good) production by 10% while the tower is illuminated (additive to the other production buildings).
Special Requires Lamp Oil lamp oil to keep illuminate the tower and to maintain the illumination.
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