Explanation of Reduction Buildings

All reduction buildings add their deduction percentage to that given by Pulley, Geometry and Spirit Level. This means the actual discount is an additional 1% per level of the reduction building, plus the reduction from the level of research you have completed. For example, a Level 1 reduction building combined with Pulley has a net of 3% reduction, with Geometry there is a net of 7%, and with Spirit Level there is a net of 15%. With the maximum level of reduction buildings (Level 32, 32% reduction) and Spirit Level (14%), the maximum reduction for that resource is 46%. This means you use only 54% of the original cost.

Architect's Office

Architects office l.png
Research Required Architecture ( Economy )
Description Angle, Compass and Yardstick: The Architect's Office provides everything needed for building straight walls and stable roofs. And a well-planned house needs a lot less marble than a skew one.
  • This building will affect the cost of all buildings except for the Academy and the Temple.
    Some buildings will not be affected at the lower levels as they only cost Wood to build or upgrade.
  • This building will not affect the costs for units or ships, nor for donations to the Miracle on the island.
Effect Reduces Marble consumption by 1% per level.


Carpenter l.png
Research Required Carpentry ( Seafaring )
Description Only the best lumbers are used at the Carpenter's Workshop. Therefore our handy craftsmen are able to build a solid framework and our houses don't have to be repaired all the time.
  • Every level of the Carpenter lowers demand for Wood by 1% per expansion (only in the town it is built).
Effect Reduces Wood consumption by 1% per level.

Firework Test Area

Firework test area l.png
Research Required Pyrotechnics ( Military )
Description The constant exercises with the fireworks don't only light up the skies, but sometimes also the surrounding buildings. Our researchers, though, can only optimize the demand for sulphur, when they test new mixtures again and again.
Effect Reduces Sulphur/Sulfur consumption by 1% per level.


Optician l.png
Research Required Optics ( Science )
Description Lenses and magnifying glasses don't only help our scientists to see clearly and find important papers on their desk, they are also necessary in order to invent all the new technologies that make us so proud. The optician keeps everything we need carefully stored in boxes, so less things get lost and the demand for Crystal Glass is decreased per building level.
Effect Reduces Crystal Glass consumption by 1% per level.

Wine Press

Wine press l.png
Research Required Wine Cellars ( Economy )
Description Only the purest wines mature in the deep and cool cellars of the town. And the cellar's master makes sure nothing trickles away and all the wine can run through the throats of your citizens.
Effect Reduces Wine consumption by 1% per level.