Specific information

  • Ikariam uses "s22" in its URL as the server designation for this world, no matter which community / language version you use.
    • Ikariam:
      • Used the Greek Alphabet  wp as names for the first twenty-four worlds(1 – 24).
      • Used Greek Immortal deities wp as names for twenty-two (22) worlds;  twenty-five through the forty-four and forty-eight (25 – 44 & 48).
      • Used Greek Mortals wp and Mythological Creatures wp as names for three worlds;  forty-five through forty-seven and forty-nine (45 – 47 & 49).
  • Ikariam used/uses a few specialty servers for the following reasons:
    • "Speed servers" (Closed) (not used often / reset after each session) - Special servers for when they need to test changes that occur at higher levels of the game and it would take too long at normal speed to reach them.  These servers run at four times (4x) the normal speed when they are used.
    • "Test servers {[ 1  /  2  (Closed) /  3  (Internal use #1) /  4  (Internal use #2) /  5  (Internal use #3) /  6  (Internal use #4)]}," - Special servers for testing the beta wp patches before they go out to the live servers.
    • "War servers [ 1  (Closed - Rounds #1 – #7) (reset after each round - 1 per language group) / 2  (Permanent Round #8 - Open in most communities until 2028)]" - Special servers that run at three times (3x) the normal speed, allows Pillaging of gold and have a different set of rules when compared to normal game servers.

Statistical information

  • The Active Chi world makes up:
    • 2.0408 % of the 49 named worlds, excluding the specialty (Speed, Test and War) servers.
    • 4.1667 % of the 24 named (used) Greek alphabet servers.
  • Chi is active in 8 communities.
    • ChiC (s22c) was closed in 0 communities.
    • ChiE (s22e) was merged in 9 communities.
  • This means that there would be a total of 17 ChiT (s22t) world servers if none were Closed nor Merged.
    • The active worlds represent:
      • 25 % of the 32 grand-total number of communities.
      • 3.5088 % of the 228 total Greek alphabet servers.
      • 1.8433 % of the 434 player accessible servers, excluding the specialty (Speed, Test and War) servers.
      • 1.7094 % of the 468 total player accessible servers.
      • 1.6949 % of the 472 grand total number of all of the world servers.
    • Each Active individual community that has the Chi server is 12.5 % of the group of 8 .
  • Special Attributes

    Chi Chi (s22) is a Special Server in the following communities:
    1. Ar AR
    2. Cz CZ

    General information

    Chi (uppercase Χ, lowercase χ; Greek: Χι [xiː] He) is the 22nd letter of the modern Greek alphabet. Its value in Ancient Greek was an aspirated velar stop /kʰ/ (in the Western Greek alphabet: /ks/).

    In Koine Greek and later dialects it became a fricative along with Θ and Φ. In Modern Greek, is has two distinct pronunciations: In front of high or front vowels (e, i, oi, ai, y) it is pronounced as a voiceless palatal fricative [ç], as in German ich or like the 'h' in some pronunciations of the English words 'hew' and 'human'. In front of low or back vowels (a, o, ou) and consonants, it is pronounced as a voiceless uvular fricative [χ].

    In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 600.

    In ancient times, some dialects of Greek used the chi instead of xi to represent the /ks/ sound. This was borrowed into the early Latin language, which led to the letter X being used for the same sound in Latin, and the modern languages which use the Latin alphabet.

    Chi also was included into Cyrillic alphabet (as letter Х), with the phonetic value /x/ or /h/.

    Chi is the basis for the name Chiastic structure and the name of Chiasmus.

    In Plato's Timaeus, it is explained that the two bands which form the soul of the world cross each other like the letter Χ.

    The chiasma, an x-shaped connection of the optic nerves leading to the eye, got its name from the letter chi because of its shape.

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