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English is spoken by

Sovereign states

As an official language

Country Region
Antigua and Barbuda Caribbean
The Bahamas Caribbean
Barbados Caribbean
Belize Central America / Caribbean
Botswana Africa
Cameroon Africa
Canada North America
Dominica Caribbean
Fiji Oceania
The Gambia Africa
Ghana Africa
Grenada Caribbean
Guyana South America / Caribbean
India Asia
Ireland (second official language) Europe
Jamaica Caribbean
Jordan Asia / Middle East
Kenya Africa
Kiribati Oceania
Lesotho Africa
Liberia Africa
Malawi Africa
Malta Europe
Marshall Islands Oceania
Mauritius Africa / Indian Ocean
Federated States of Micronesia Oceania
Namibia Africa
Nauru Oceania
New Zealand Oceania
Nigeria Africa
Pakistan Asia
Palau Oceania
Papua New Guinea Oceania
Philippines Asia
Rwanda Africa
Saint Kitts and Nevis Caribbean
Saint Lucia Caribbean
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Caribbean
Samoa Oceania
Seychelles Africa / Indian Ocean
Sierra Leone Africa
Singapore Asia
Solomon Islands Oceania
South Africa Africa
Sudan Africa
Swaziland Africa
Tanzania Africa
Tonga Oceania
Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean
Tuvalu Oceania
Uganda Africa
Vanuatu Oceania
Zambia Africa
Zimbabwe Africa

As a de facto language

Country Region
Australia Australia
England Europe
United States of America North America

Non-sovereign entities

Country Region
American Samoa Oceania
Anguilla North America / Caribbean
Bermuda North America
British Virgin Islands North America / Caribbean
Cayman Islands North America / Caribbean
Christmas Island Oceania / Australia
Cook Islands Oceania
Falkland Islands South Atlantic
Gibraltar Europe
Guam Oceania
Guernsey Europe
Hong Kong Asia
Isle of Man Europe
Jersey Europe
Montserrat North America / Caribbean
Niue Oceania
Norfolk Island Oceania / Australia
Northern Mariana Islands Oceania
Pitcairn Islands Oceania
Puerto Rico North America / Caribbean
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha South Atlantic
Sint Maarten North America / Caribbean
Tokelau Oceania
Turks and Caicos Islands North America / Caribbean
U.S. Virgin Islands North America / Caribbean

English dialects

Other Language servers

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