Specific information about this server

  • Ikariam uses "s32" in its URL as the server designation for this world, no matter which community server / language version you use.
    • Ikariam used the Greek Alphabet  wp as names for the first twenty-four worlds (124).
    • Ikariam used the Greek Immortals wp as names for the twenty-fifth through the forty-fourth worlds (2544).
    • Ikariam is currently using Greek Mortals wp and Mythological Creatures wp as names for the newer set of worlds (4546).
  • Ikariam uses a few special servers for the following reasons:
    • "Speed servers" (Discontinued) (not used often / reset after each session) - For when they need to test changes that occur at Higher levels of the game and would take too long at normal speed to reach.  These servers run at four times (4x) the normal speed when they are used.
    • "Test servers ( 1  / < 2  (Discontinued) /  3  (Internal use) /  4  (Internal use) /  5  (Internal use)] /  6  (Internal use)]" - For testing the beta wp patches before they go out to the live servers.
    • "War servers [ 1  (Discontinued) (reset after each round - 1 per language group) /  2  (Permanent - in each community)]" - Special servers run at three times (3x) the normal speed, allows Pillaging of gold and have a different set of rules compared to the normal game servers.
Eunomia Eunomia (s32) is a Special Server in the Ae AE, It IT and Us US community.
  1. Ae AE
  2. It IT
    • 25% more (125%) Resource production ( Wood small/ Luxury).
    • 25% faster (125%) Units/Ships training/building speed.
    • 25% faster (125%) Building construction speed.
    • 10% faster (110%) Cargo Ships travel speed.
  3. Us US

General information

Eunomia (Greek wp: Εὐνομία, "good order - governance according to good laws") was a minor Greek goddess of law and legislation, as well as the spring-time goddess of green pastures (nomia in Greek), and by most accounts the daughter of Themis  wp and Zeus  wp. Her opposite number was Dysnomia wp (Lawlessness).


Eunomia was the goddess of law and legislation and one of the Second Generation of the Horae wp along with her sisters Dikē wp and Eirene. The Horae were law and order goddesses who maintained the stability of society, and were worshiped primarily in the cities of Athens  wp, Argos  wp and Olympia wp. From Pindar  wp:

Eunomia and that unsullied fountain Dikē, her sister, sure support of cities; and Eirene of the same kin, who are the stewards of wealth for mankind — three glorious daughters of wise-counseled Themis.

Eunomia's name, together with that of her sisters, formed a Hendiatris  wp Good Order, Justice, and Peace.

She was frequently depicted in Athenian  wp vase painting amongst the companions of Aphrodite  wp, and in this sense represented the lawful or obedient behavior of women in marriage. As such she was identified with Eurynome  wp, mother of the Charites  wp (Graces  wp).

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