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This category lists the Greek Immortal deities wp used by Gameforge as world names.
Listed in alphabetical order.
Server and # Name(s)
Acheron Acheron (s48) Acheron
Apollo Apollon (s25) Apollon
Ares War 1 (s201) Ares
Asklepios Asklepios (s26) Asklepios
Boreas Boreas (s27) Boreas
Charon Charon (s28) Charon
Demeter Demeter (s29) Demeter
Dionysus Dionysos (s30) Dionysos
Server and # Name(s)
Server and # Name(s)
Eirene Eirene (s31) Eirene
Eunomia Eunomia (s32) Eunomia
Gaia Gaia (s33) Gaia
Hades Hades (s34) Hades
Hephaestus Hephaestus (s35) Hephaestus
Kaikias Kaikias (s36) Kaikias
Lips Lips (s37) Lips
Server and # Name(s)
Server and # Name(s)
Notos Notos (s38) Notos
Pan Pan (s39) Pan
Poseidon Poseidon (s40) Poseidon
Skiron Skiron (s41) Skiron
Thanatos Thanatos (s42) Thanatos
Zelos Zelos (s43) Zelos
Zephyros Zephyros (s44) Zephyros
Server and # Name(s)

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