Specific information about this server

  • Ikariam uses "s24" in its URL as the server designation for this world, no matter which community server / language version you use.
    • Ikariam is using the letters of the Greek alphabet  wp as the names for the first (1st) twenty-four (24) worlds.
    • Ikariam is using Greek gods wp as names for the twenty-fifth (25th) world onward.
  • Ikariam uses a few special servers for the following reasons:
    • "Speed servers" (not used often / reset after each session) - For when they need to test changes that occur at Higher levels of the game and would take too long at normal speed to reach.  These servers run at four times (4x) the normal speed when they are used.
    • "Test servers (1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 )" - For testing the beta wp patches before they go out to the live servers.
    • "War servers [1 (reset after each round - 1 per language group) / 2 (permenant - in each community)]" - Special servers that run for 6 months at a time, run at three times (3x) the normal speed, allows Pillaging of gold and have a different set of rules compared to the normal game servers.
  • Omega Omega (s24) is a Special Server in the Hu HU and Pt PT communities.
    50% faster (150%) Cargo Ships travel speed.

General information

Omega (uppercase Ω, lowercase ω) is the 24th and last letter of the modern Greek alphabet. In the Greek numeric system, it has a value of 800. The word literally means "great O" (ō mega, mega meaning 'great'), as opposed to Omicron, which means "little O" (o mikron, micron meaning "little"). This name is Byzantine; in Classical Greek, the letter was called ō (ὦ), whereas the Omicron was called ou (οὖ). The form of the lowercase letter derives from a double omicron, which came to be written open at the top.

Phonetically, the Ancient Greek Ω is a long open-mid o [ɔː], similar to the vowel of English raw in certain dialects such as RP where this word is pronounced [ɹɔː]. It should not be confused with the sound of English so-called "long o" as in ocean, which is either diphthongal [oʊ] or [əʊ] or a close-mid kind of "o" [o], in either case distinctly different from the "long o" sound of Greek omega and closer to the Classical Greek sound represented by ου before this came to be pronounced [u]. In Modern Greek Ω represents the same sound as omicron. The letter omega is transcribed ō or simply o.

Omega (the last letter of the modern Greek alphabet) is often used to denote the last, the end, or the ultimate limit of a set, in contrast to Alpha, the first letter of the modern Greek alphabet. In the New Testament book of Revelation, God is declared to be the "alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last".

Omega was also adopted into the early Cyrillic alphabet. See omega (Cyrillic) (Ѡ, ѡ). A Raetic variant is at the origin of Elder Futhark ᛟ.

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