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This Category lists the different groupings of servers used by WikIkariam.

At the moment, Ikariam is available, in approximately 29 languages, in about 22 countries, after shutting down 25 community servers due to the lack of growth in which they had served.

For the most part each country gets 1 name-space or Community server (ie., en., fr., il., tr., us., etc ... ) with the exceptions of "China".
China had 2 Community servers. [1]
Each Community server operates several World servers. [2]

All servers do not always run the same version of Ikariam at the same time, mainly when a new patch is released. [3]


  1. CN for mainland China (shut down) and HK for Hong Kong (shut down); For language reasons, it is recommended that these communities use the TW (Taiwan) community servers.
  2. World servers are the actual game servers that you play on with names such as Alpha, Beta, Gamma, ... , Speed, Test and War.
  3. As Gameforge develops new ideas for the game, they will apply the beta version wp to the Test servers 1st and when they are satisfied with the stability of the patch then they will then start applying the patch to the normal community game servers.
    It normally takes about 1 to 2 days to apply the new version to all of the remaining Community servers and their respective worlds, provided that there are no problems when they apply the patch to a community server or world within the community.

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