Specific information

  • Ikariam uses "s99" in its URL as the server designation for this world, no matter which community / language version you use
    • Ikariam:
      • Used the Greek Alphabet WP as names for the first twenty-four (24) worlds (1 – 24).
      • Used Greek Immortal deities WP as names for twenty-three (23) worlds;   twenty-five through forty-four, forty-eight, fifty and fifty-two (25 – 44, 48, 50 & 52)
      • Used Greek Mythological Figures WP (Mortals WP, Heroes WP, Kings WP and Minor figures WP) as names for five (5) worlds;   forty-five, forty-seven, fifty-one, fifty-three and fifty-four (45, 47, 51, 53 & 54)
      • Used Greek Mythological Creatures WP as names for two (2) worlds;   forty-six and forty-nine (46 & 49)
  • Ikariam used/uses a few specialty servers for the following reasons:
    • "Speed servers" (Closed) (not used often / reset after each session) - Special servers for when they need to test changes that occur at higher levels of the game and it would take too long at normal speed to reach them.   These servers run at four times (4x) the normal speed when they are used
    • "Test servers {[ 1  /  2  (Closed) /  3  (Internal use #1) /  4  (Internal use #2) /  5  (Internal use #3) /  6  (Internal use #4)]}," - Special servers for testing the beta WP patches before they go out to the live servers
    • "War servers [ 1  (Closed - Rounds #1 – #7) (reset after each round - 1 per language group) /  2  (Permanent Round #8 - Open in most communities until 2028)]" - Special servers that run at three times (3x) the normal speed, allows Pillaging of gold and have a different set of rules when compared to normal game servers

Statistical information

  • There are none at the present time

Special Attributes

There are NONE at the present time!

General information

Speed ​​Servers are special servers that are occasionally used by Gameforge to test out changes of great importance that only occur at higher levels of the game and would take the average player too long to get to at the normal speed. These servers are usually active for only a few months and are then deactivated again.

As their name implies, these servers are faster than normal game servers, usually running at 4x the normal speed. This means that researches, resource production, the training of units, the construction of ships and the building of buildings will be completed in ¼ the normal amount of time.

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