Citizens are the people that live in your town. Together they form your population. You can see your town's current and maximum population by going into the Town hall view, as well as on the Main Menu of the User Interface. They work to produce goods and pay taxes to give you Gold  Gold — they are the heart of your town.


A "free" idle citizen increases your income by 3 Gold per hour. A working citizen has no overall effect on your funds, but produces goods. However, a scientist decreases your income by 9 Gold per hour ( −3 −3 Gold for the loss of a citizen and −6 −6 Gold for scientist ). A town with a growing population will therefore see rises in income if its citizens are not put to work immediately.


Saw mill worker
Luxury resource worker

Citizens can be free or used in the Saw mill, Crystal mine, Vineyard, Quarry, and Sulphur pit. At the base rate, one citizen can produce 1 1 wood per hour or 1 Luxury Good per hour.

When using Helping Hands any resources produced by overloading citizens require 4 times more citizens. Hence, 4 Citizen(s) over the limit can produce only 1 1 wood or luxury good per hour.

Citizens are also used to train units in the Barracks and ships in the Shipyard. They can also be employed as priests in the Temple, or as scientists in the Academy.

Establishing a new colony requires sending 40 40 Citizen(s) to as its initial population.

Growth rate[]


Growth rate is determined by the happiness score of a town; generally, a higher happiness to citizen ratio gives a higher population growth rate. Without increasing the happiness score, each additional citizen slightly decreases the population growth rate until a growth rate of zero is reached.

A local Tavern or Museum can raise the happiness of the town it is built in. A high growth rate leads to the maximum number of citizens quicker, allowing you to gather more resources per hour at a faster pace, which is highly desirable. However, this can be quite costly.

The maximum number of citizens at any one time is limited by the number of Housing Spaces which increases with each level of the Town hall. It can be calculated using formula

The following researches also affect your population
  1. Well Digging increases the max population and happiness in the Capital only by 50.
  2. Holiday increases the happiness in all towns by 25.
    It also increases the max population in all towns by 50.
  3. Utopia increases the max population and the happiness in the Capital only by 200.
  4. Economic Futures increase the happiness in all towns by 10 per level researched.
    They also increase the max population in all towns by 20 per level researched.

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