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Hi all

(I'll copy paste some Greek,because I can't translate exactly in English...hopefully Ifaigios or another guy speaking Greek will answer)

I've made a mistake and send only rams and cargo ships in a battle. Then in Battle Report (Αναφορές Μάχης) the statement was: (Καθώς το μόνο που έμεινε από τον στρατό του παίκτη arissam ήταν οι ιπτάμενες μονάδες και οι μονάδες πυροβολικού, αναγκάστηκαν να υποχωρήσουν.). Then I lost my cargo ships. Will they come back?

(technickly) Did I lost the battle because of lack of moral? Also, when I click Detailed Battle Report (Λεπτομερής αναφορά μάχης) I take the following error message: Σφαλμα! Λάθος μήνυμα(τα). Η πρόσβαση απορρίφθηκε

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Your units got scattered because you had no front battle line units in the battle. Your Cargo Ships will return together with your Rams, after 4 hours plus the time they need to return to their home town.
The error with the detailed battle report is another issue and seems to be a generic problem. I have posted a question on the official Greek Ikariam Boards to try figure this out.
Καλή σου νύχτα!

Ifaigios 21:49, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

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