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TopicLast EditLast Author
Custom namespaces20:05, April 13, 2020Jrooksjr
Is there a way I can translate a wikia section to my language?00:08, July 12, 2011Jrooksjr
Is it possible to have 2 of the same miracle and use back to back?21:38, July 5, 2011Jrooksjr
How many Rams do I need to destroy a level one wall (barbarians level 4)?15:06, June 2, 2011Jrooksjr
Bonus Resources for Founding an Alliance05:18, May 4, 2011Jrooksjr
Hit points and damage?00:30, May 2, 2011Jrooksjr
Moral?15:26, April 28, 2011Jrooksjr
Protected resources for inactive players?00:30, April 27, 2011HappyKillmore
Trading Accounts15:19, April 24, 2011Jrooksjr
1200 Missing units23:56, April 7, 2011Jrooksjr
Red bar in resource worker bar18:58, March 15, 2011Ifaigios
Bad title15:58, January 16, 2011Jrooksjr
Missing units in battle15:54, January 16, 2011Jrooksjr
Spy sped17:21, October 25, 201062.30.127.60
Problems with freeing my town.19:57, October 16, 2010Ifaigios
Email16:15, October 16, 2010Ifaigios
I have a new colony, but i cant gather the good!13:37, October 7, 2010Jrooksjr
What is palm tree icon13:32, October 7, 2010Jrooksjr
Defend port or station troops08:44, October 2, 2010Ifaigios
Missing units11:47, September 20, 2010Ifaigios
The dump is amazing16:48, August 29, 2010Ifaigios
Is building a carpenter's workshop worth it?06:09, August 26, 201096.49.45.235
Workers dosent work in colony03:48, August 26, 2010Flyinj3x
Waves in a battle22:17, August 15, 2010Ifaigios
Finding an island by name13:13, August 12, 2010Minerva Titani
Report to GO?00:35, July 22, 2010Jrooksjr
Leader's bonus resources?23:31, July 21, 2010Jrooksjr
Level Question12:29, June 19, 2010Ifaigios
Total newbie question..22:05, June 10, 2010Jrooksjr
Future Researches19:19, June 5, 2010Ifaigios
I want more cargo ships19:19, June 5, 2010Ifaigios
2 Museums, 1 in capital, 1 in colony. I can send out 2 treatys?16:14, June 5, 2010Jrooksjr
Why is my net gold drastically lower than my income?17:33, June 4, 2010Ifaigios
Ikariam plus15:38, June 1, 2010Jrooksjr
How do i get more civilians18:25, May 23, 2010Jrooksjr
I deployed my troops at an allies town, how do i withdraw them?00:30, May 19, 2010Jrooksjr
Does your score decrease if you demolisch a building?18:11, May 14, 201094.224.202.242
20+ wall03:00, May 13, 201070.176.52.242
Cannot find my friend19:02, May 10, 2010Jrooksjr
Disbanding units10:42, May 9, 2010Ifaigios
Lost units and upkeep cost17:28, April 16, 2010Ifaigios
Hoplites vs Spearmen13:39, April 15, 2010Jrooksjr
Pillage question17:29, April 11, 2010Ifaigios
Error message, regroup21:50, April 9, 2010Ifaigios
Morale and regroup20:27, April 9, 2010Ifaigios
Workshop upgrades and new battle system14:52, March 28, 2010Jrooksjr
Baned16:49, March 8, 2010Jrooksjr
Little guys in front of town hall19:12, February 27, 201070.176.40.35
Occupied town abandoned by owner12:16, February 9, 201058.71.7.138
Recalling troops18:56, February 7, 2010Ifaigios
Temples02:42, January 28, 2010Fullobeans
Population makes me negative18:00, November 22, 2009Jrooksjr
Can your trading post get looted?15:18, November 22, 2009Jrooksjr
I cant attack some towns22:40, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
Attacks dont work (sometimes)22:35, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
Multiple alliance applications21:57, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
Whats a good reason to sign a military treaty?21:44, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
Occupation in v3.0?15:21, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
Military assistance treat? what is it and what gives it?14:41, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
Where do you go to set up a treaty?14:38, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
Changing Worlds14:35, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
How do i accept someone into my allience????14:33, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
What happen to the cultural assests offer, no it says something about a garrison in it's place14:31, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
New Look14:27, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
What resource island should my first colony be?14:25, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
HELp: dont know how to colonize other islands14:23, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
Maximum LVL?14:20, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
How do I get people to join my alliance?14:15, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
Beginner protection14:13, November 21, 2009Ifaigios
Pillaging a cultural treaty partner who is inactive22:01, November 20, 2009Ifaigios
Can't upgrade barracks21:23, November 20, 2009DemonWarrior
How long for a inactive player leaving the game?00:46, November 9, 2009Ifaigios
How do you calculate your garrison size?00:41, November 9, 2009Ifaigios
Hideouts00:40, November 9, 2009Ifaigios
I made a new colony now it is level ten i have stayed with the same amount of citizens why???06:21, September 5, 200996.18.111.198
Looting gold11:06, September 2, 2009Rmedic
Question about peace treaties18:34, August 31, 2009BigBen2k
Transporting goods04:11, July 20, 200967.233.178.39
How do I abandon my capital?09:11, July 10, 2009Anonymous Mistery
I need to get a guide for the diplomatic position anyone know where i can find one?09:45, July 1, 200976.186.30.37
Trading Post Maximum Range18:34, June 22, 2009Sillyking4
Flames on colony in island view18:33, June 22, 2009Sillyking4
Number of workers gathering resources per level20:10, May 11, 2009Rmedic
I bought a new pc and tried to log on to ikarium and it says error i cant sign on bad password or screen name... why is this happening?16:30, May 9, 200967.188.86.191
External page- pasting images22:14, April 17, 200966.62.126.166
How do I pillage villages a bit farther away?17:58, April 15, 2009Joshua Issac
How does one message every member in their alliance?10:49, April 4, 2009Vilis
Do you need to build multiple buildings between colonies?23:56, March 12, 2009Morgan Michaels
How to upgrade your town level?02:57, March 9, 2009Sillyking4
Move units to different island?14:15, March 4, 2009Sillyking4
Need Embassy?14:55, March 2, 2009Sillyking4
Moving goods to new colony20:48, February 28, 2009Hemitheos
Help with my net gold04:38, February 23, 2009Peleg97
Do you keep Upgrades???11:03, February 20, 200995.209.253.200
Impossible to get a LvL 9 Palace and G.R.08:03, February 19, 200978.156.219.116
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