Ghost or Ghosting, is a state of player which happens after certain time of inactivity.

Ghosting means your towns as well as your name are invisible to all players when they view the Island view, Alliance list, Embassy list, High Scores screens and/or any other screen that would normally show that you play on the server.

When a player returns to that world and logs into their account, their towns will return to the same location as when they where ghosted, with a few minor exceptions:

  1. If their previous town spots were taken, they will be planted on other town spots on the same island
  2. If the original island is full then they will planted on the nearest island with the same resource type.

Free spots are searched in a circular, clockwise, manner starting with the island north-east of the original island, as you look at the map (right and a little up) until a free spot is found.

Effects of Ghosting

  1. What remain:
    • All player information remain intact.
    • All city buildings remain.
    • Friend list information remain.
    • Upgrades remain.
    • Government form gets reset to ikacracy.
    • FaceBook Connect gets saved if there was any. (Removed: April 30, 2015)
    • Archive gets saved.
    • Highscores get saved.
  2. What is not saved:
    • Workers, researchers and priests are removed. They become normal citizens again
    • Trade post offers get removed.
    • City Premium spots will be lost.
    • Friend list connections are removed.

Note: Account can be ghosted only if there are no running Premium features at the ghosting moment.

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