Gold is fundamental for your town finances. It is used to maintain your towns, purchase assets, and trade resources with other players.

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Your gold fortune is not linked to one town, but rather stands globally for the wealth of your island empire. A table of incomes and ongoing costs for all your cities can be found by clicking on the  Gold symbol on the top left. Gold can't be pillaged.

Town Finances

Your gold production is dependent on the job assignment of your population. Your income is calculated as follows:

If you run out of gold with a negative income, your scientists, workers, units and war ships will become free citizens again. Gold is paid on the hour (server time). Scientists get paid first, then troops (the most expensive first), and finally ships. If your gold has run out, then ships, units and scientists begin to desert until your income is positive.

The amount of gold you can possess is not linked to your warehouse(s).


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 If you look at the financial page you will notice that you actually lose 3 Gold more than what we list. This is because you have to also figure in the loss of 3 Gold from converting a citizen into a worker or scientist.
  2. 2.0 2.1 If you look at the financial page you will notice that you temporarily will lose 3 x Citizens in 3 x Citizens in Gold used to train the units and or ships. This is because when you train your military you temporarily lose the citizen but will gain them back, so long as you do not do anything to lower your towns happiness level.

Additional uses

Besides town expenses, Gold is used for the following: