Ikacracy government
Meaning of the name
of the government
King of the Islands
Type of Government:


Ikacracy is the leadership of the benevolent island ruler.

Game note:
Ikacracy is the standard form of government in Ikariam. They are especially suitable for versatile or undecided island kingdoms.
WikIkariam note:
This is the Initial government that you start off with when you first start playing Ikariam.





With Xenocracy

If your capital is ever occupied, the form of government will switch to Xenocracy. However this occurs without a revolution or costs.

Game note:
  1. Xenocracy means that you only achieve half of the advantages of your actual form of government. The same goes for the disadvantage effects of your form of government.
  2. As soon as your capital has been liberated, you will have the full effects of the advantages and disadvantages of your form of government again. This will happen without a revolution or costs.
  3. Xenocracy does NOT affect Anarchy, you will continue to have its full effects, if your capital becomes occupied while you are under Anarchy.

WikIkariam note

Xenocracy only occurs when your Capital has become occupied by another player and does not change your current government but just halves (½) the advantages and disadvantages of the current government.

Advantages because of Xenocracy


Disadvantages because of Xenocracy


Other Optional governments

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