An inactive player is one who has not 'logged in' or had a 'mouse-click' for a specific length of time.


In island view, a town owned by an inactive player has its name partly grayed out, with (i) after it, and a message about the inactivity appears when your mouse-over over their name.

If you become inactive:

  1. Each level of expansion of your Warehouses gives protection for the reduced amount of 80 units of each resource (1% of the 8,000 storage capacity).
  2. The protected resources by the town hall is also reduced to 17 units of each resource.
  3. Opposing players can not occupy your towns, but they can pillage.
  4. Resource mining is reduced by half (½).
Inactive players that have " paid " ambrosia Ambrosia, not from the tutorial, in their account can not be deleted for legal reasons, but can be ghosted.

Times until inactive and then ghosted[]

As of patch 0.4.4, players who go inactive are no longer deleted.  Rather, all new inactive accounts will be placed into a "ghost" mode, where they will seemingly disappear from the servers.  This applies to Ambrosia accounts as well as non Ambrosia accounts.

Any account that was and still is inactive before the patch went live on August 18, 2011;  will not be affected by ghosting rules.

The 'inactivity phases are now:

  • Phase 0 (Hour 0 to Hour 24, sorting the fun registrations out, no long time inactivity): If you do not build anything in the 24 hours after registration, you get deleted.
  • Phase 1 (1 week to 2 weeks after registration ): You become inactive after 2 days with no login, you get ghosted 2 days later.
  • Phase 2 (Week 2 until 1 Month): You become inactive after 7 days with no login, you get ghosted 4 days later.
  • Phase 3 (1 Month until 3 Months): You become inactive after 7 days with no login, you get ghosted 14 days later
  • Phase 4 (3 Month until end of times): You become inactive after 7 days with no login, you get ghosted 30 days later.

Old inactives will remain for the present and are not affected by this change.

Banned users with no ambrosia will be deleted rather than ghosted (no matter if they bought some in the past).


  • Accounts can be ghosted only if there are no running Premium features at the moment of ghosting. If there are active premium features in effect then ghosting will be delayed until the active premium features expire.
  • While in the inactive phase the resource mining of all the player's town's is reduced by half.