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  • I noticed that there are many errors in the list of islands . Many islands have the wrong name (Cocoos should be Acheloos [56:51], for example) or are not listed (like Esseytia [95:82]). I have included all of the data available in the "View Source" code for the world map in a spreadsheet here . The data is taken from the US Beta server. The raw data for each island looks like this:


    I do not know what many of these numbers mean, but have included notes in the column headers for any clues I have noticed. Perhaps we can figure out some of them together. You may leave comments on the spreadsheet, or copy it for yourself to play around with.

    EDIT: I can add data from other servers at request. But I will have to make an account for that server.

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    • Make whatever changes you need to do

      If I see a problem, I will let you know. Also, if you have one be sure to ask and I will be glad to help directly, as I can.

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    • I changed the 'Header' that you were using on islands starting with B page a little and added a 'Footer' for you.  See if you like it better or not.  If so, then you can copy and paste it onto the other pages as you redo them as well;  otherwise, you can make whatever additional changes you like and go from there.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • 10h 0m 0s through 10h 29m 59s = 32. Last number is 42 instead of 32.

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    • The formula for the SBT (Shorten Build Time) / CI (Complete Instantly) does not have a provision for any amount of hours - it just has a max limit of 74

      The formula is as follows:

      {{#expr:floor( ( ( {{{y|0}}} * 31556952 ) + ( {{{mo|0}}} * 2592000 ) + ( {{{d|0}}} * 86400 ) + ( {{{h|0}}} * 3600 ) + ( {{{m|0}}} * 60 ) + {{{s|0}}} ) / 1800 ) * 2 + 2 }}

      y = Years mo = Months d = Days h = hours m = minutes s = seconds

      It has a minimum amount of 2, the + 2 at the end, and a maximum amount of 74 - if the formula produces a number above 74 then it is 74

      The above formula is the original formula used in the game -- If Gameforge has changed the formula then I need to know the new formula in order to get the correct results but so far it has been correct

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • There's an error about lvl 55 of vineyard. have normal max worker less then lvl 54.

    How are calculated those values?

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    • The number of normal workers increases by 52 with each level of increase -- I accidentally entered 2070 in as the number instead of 2170 ( I hit 0 instead of 1 )

      This also caused the numbers to be off by 100 for levels 56 - 60 as well

      All numbers should now be corrected

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • To display all letters, including both Yot cases i found font here:

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    • Kewl - thanks -- I will install them as soon as I get the time to do so and have time to check it out

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi guy coud you check whats happening with Tranding port 11-20 21-30 31-40 because all last lvl for wich page doesn't show anything! I try check how fiz the mbscore and BTime but I think only you can see that! and about the MBScore you need put a Round over ther and not a Trunc tks

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    • I know what the problem is -- too many templates on the page -- I am going to have to break the pages down into levels of 5 like I did on some of the other buildings

      Level 1 - 5, 6 - 10, 11 - 15, 16 - 20, etc. ...

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    • Problem should now be fixed

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • archive  lvl 23

    Needed for level 23:

    • Building material:97,968
    • Marble:128,066
    • Crystal Glass:50,228
    • Building time:10h 45m
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  • Livello is level and Isole is islands.

    Livello 30 

    5 Isole  1h 25m 9s ( -24s / -14m 52s )  20 Isole  4h 41m 54s ( -2m 38s / -1h 58m 7s )  50 Isole  10h 21m 27s ( -7m 27s / -6h 18m 33s ) 

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  • have you found the javascript for see chart archive? 

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  • lvl 20 archive with max reducers.

    Needed for level 20:

    • Building material:38,648
    • Marble:48,170
    • Crystal Glass:30,076
    • Building time:7h 36m
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    • added

      • BTW! Apparently you are giving me the numbers from what your town screen says you need -- Sadly, you forgot to remove your reductions for Pulley + Geometry + Spirit Level and your level 32 reduction building
        Pulley gives a 2% reduction to all resources
        Geometry gives an additional 4% reduction to all resources (2% + 4% = 6% total reduction)
        Spirit Level gives an additional 8% reduction to all resources (2% + 4% + 8% = 14% total reduction)
        The maxed level reduction building gives an additional 32% reduction for the specific resource (2% + 4% + 8% + 32%= 46% total reduction)
      • You have to divide your individual numbers by the reduced amount to get the CORRECT (Raw) numbers needed for my templates:
        For wood ( since it has the max level reduction of 46% means you would take the 38,648 and divide that by .54 (the reason is that the easiest way to get a 46% reduction is to take 1 [same as 100%] subtract .46 [same as 46%] and you get .54 [54% or a 46% reduction from the original number of 1]
        38,648 ÷ .54 = 71,570.370<blah blah blah> -- We take that number and round it UP (because there is a decimal) to get 71,571 (no decimals) -- this is the number I need
        You repeat the steps for each resource - but you will use .86 (14% reduction on the resources that do not have a reduction building for them)
      • For the resources that have a reduction building that is NOT maxed - remember each level adds 1% (.01) reduction for each level you have built -- thus the .86 would be .85 if you have a level 1 reduction building or .84 if you have a level 2 reduction building down to .54 if you have a level 32 reduction building as shown above.
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • lvl 19 archive with max reducers on all resources.

    • 33,025
    • Marble:40,521
    • Crystal Glass:25,295
    • Building time:6h 46m
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