Bugs Fixed

  • Error message/white page after upgrading the sawmill
  • After town name was changed, the name has not been changed at the trading post offer
  • Academy downgrade: Researches are not laid off
  • Wrong Scientists/Gold calculation fixed
  • Added missing pictures at help → ships
  • Viewing error at help → buildings fixed
  • Mission end from transports has been wrong
  • Viewing error at IE: Arrows have not been shown right at the trading post
  • Viewing error at IE: Buildings → Empty border
  • Trading with the whole world with trading post 1
  • Alliance functions not translated
  • Trader also works if you only have 3 Ambrosia
  • The Research Adviser only shows researches in whole numbers
  • Max-Button at the sawmill does not consider the building costs
  • Added missing pictures from the unit descriptions
  • viewing error at the FAQ fixed
  • corrected gold calculation at the academy
  • Help-Button in the buildings do not lead to the help
  • Shown time for "mission ending" are wrong
  • upgrades do not work at a fight
  • Player icon is not shown in IE

Other Patches

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