New Features[]

  • It is now impossible to call back armies from occupied or allied cities via the military screen if your own town is occupied or if the respective harbour is blocked, unless it's on the same island.
  • It is now possible to partially withdraw garrisons from a fight.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Safe capacity of warehouses was incorrect when raiding inactive players (0.75% instead of 1%).
  • A bug with the highscore calculation with "future" researches was fixed.
  • A bug causing a white page while trying to delete a town was fixed.
  • Offers were still valid when demolishing a Trading post.
  • It was possible to send spies though you didn't have enough gold.
  • Fighting a hostile superiority did not lead to a morale decrease.
  • "Unknown Local-Function" bug fixed. The respective messages are now displayed correctly. This won't affect town messages that were written before this update.
  • If in a fight besides the wall no other units were still alive so far both sides lost. From now on the defender will be the winner.
  • If both sides cause the same damage or suffer from the same losses in a fight during a round we'll now have a new case concerning the morale changes of this round:
  • In case of identical losses:
"Due to identical losses on both sides the attacker's morale is decreased by 50 points."
  • In case of identical damage:
"Due to identical caused damage on both sides the attacker's morale is decreased by 50 points."
  • It was possible to do "ping" attacks by using one range unit and one support unit.
  • Display bugs in combat reports fixed.
  • Charset bugs in the Facebook welcome mail fixed.
  • A bug that caused faulty battlefields or battlefield sizes was fixed.
  • In case the defender didn't have troops it could have occurred that he didn't get a combat report but only the message "You're troops are lost.", this is now fixed.
  • Players that were in vacation mode for more than 30 days haven't been taken out of vacation mode automatically, this is now fixed.
  • In case the upkeep of a player is faulty this will be automatically corrected once a day.


  • Data protection information (Gameforge Privacy Policy) is now accesible from ingame.


Other Patches