New Features

  • Resource extension is now possible up to a level of 50.

Bugs Fixed

  • Alliance applications could not be withdrawn.
  • Loading bar when training spies was faulty.
  • Internet explorer display error when loading pages has been fixed.
  • Allocating scientists was displayed incorrectly on the town income page
  • When other treaties have been canceled, the garrison right is also overridden.
  • Premium advisor for towns displayed the time left until the warehouse limit was reached incorrectly.
  • Never-ending research in the workshop, if you went on vacation during an upgrade.
  • Sending out spies did not cost any money.


  • A few game servers were updated to Patch 0.3.5, when some bugs/changes were made and then were updated to this patch update! The remaining servers were updated directly from Patch 0.3.4 to Patch, which included the changes from Patch 0.3.5.

Other Patches