New Features

  • New building "Dump": The new building will be available as soon as the corresponding research has been completed. The dump contains 4 times the capacity of a warehouse, but is not protected from theft. The introduction of the dump will reduce the number of buildable warehouses to 4 again. There is a "Special summer offer", meaning that when you have researched the dump you can turn one warehouse per town into a dump ( Warehouse Level / 4 ).
  • To get a better overview the options have been divided into three tabs.
  • Changes to the tutorial: To ease the introduction into the game, accounts now launch with more wood and gold. For some buildings the building time for the first level has been reduced.
  • Facebook Posting: After successful registration, you can create a wallpost with a Facebook connection. You can also send one in the Facebook options and via the main screen.
  • Users can double their storage capacity for 7 days with Ambrosia. Once the feature expires, surplus goods will be lost!

Bugs Fixed

  • Assorted errors that led to the disappearance of troops have been fixed.
  • Under certain circumstances, blockades on own harbours could not be broken (ships turned around)
  • Scientists researched even though the player didn't have enough gold and income to pay for it. Now you can only send as many scientists to the academy as you actually have money for. If scientists leave, the research points produced in the last hours are deducted again.
  • An occupied town wasn't completely usable for the occupying force if the occupied force activated vacation mode.
  • The attacker does not win any more if all the involved units are lost.
  • If the harbor was blocked during a goods loading process, the transporter with goods that had already been loaded was beamed to the target town. This isn't possible anymore. The loading process is completely cancelled now.
  • The calculation of the maximum island population didn't take the players' research that raised the population barrier into account. This led to individual players having a conversion of 84% in their town, but having 102% on the island.
  • When cancelling a colonization, start and target towns were switched in town messages


  • Explanation about the Warehouse limit:
    • With 4 Warehouses Level 40 and one dump Level 40, you will be able to build Palace 11 (the Palace price will be adjusted to fit when the cost reduction is set to maximum). Those having more than 4 warehouses can keep them, and they will all continue to be able to store goods. As before only the highest 4 warehouses will provide protection from pillaging. Palace is capped at 11, so noone will be able to build Palace 12 with more warehouses.

Other Patches

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