• Search possibility in the alliance highscore.
  • Highscore display extended: When a player is on vacation, a palm tree will appear behind the player's name. When a player is inactive, his name and points will be greyed out. When a player is banned, a red cross will appear behind his name. In addition you can now also filter according to alliance members and friends.
  • When an army or a fleet is withdrawn by your alliance's General , the player will receive a message in the town adviser.
  • Offers from trade partners will not be displayed anymore when the vendor is on vacation mode.
  • The temple displays how gold production changes through the allocation of villagers to priests.
  • Costs and negative numbers are now displayed in red in the account overview.
  • The research adviser shows you how long it will take until the next research topic can be started with the current number of scientists.
  • The town information on the island screen has been expanded by more highscore displays.
  • Offers from trading partners can be sorted at the trading post now too.

Bugs Fixed

  • Display error on the "Invite friends" screen fixed.
  • The help article on the battle fields has been updated.
  • Display error in the resource deposit fixed.

Other Patches

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