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A priest is a citizen hired to convert the population for receiving miracles. They do not just convert your population but the population of your island.

General information

As soon as you build a Temple you can hire priests. For each expansion stage you can hire eight (8) additional priests.

The priest have the mission to convert the citizens to polytheism. The more priests you have, the more faith the citizens have and you are rewarded with a miracle sent by your island's god.


The faith formula is 1 priest converts/spreads faith to 4 citizens (5 total including the priest). The formula using the maximum population of citizens that the town hall supports and not the actual number of citizens in the town. For example, a level 5 town hall can support up to 312 citizens. If the town has 250 citizens and 54 priests the faith level is as follows:

$ { \left ( 54 \times 5 \right ) \div 312 = 86.54 \% } $

Other Misc

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