Normal (Non Future's) Research

Researches and Costs
Research small Seafaring Economy Science Military
8 Carpentry Economy Science Dry-Dock
12 Deck Weapons Conservation Science Military
24 Ship Maintenance (1st)

Draft (2nd)
Pulley Well Digging Maps
30 Seafaring Economy Paper Military
112 Seafaring Wealth Science Military
336 Expansion Wine Culture Science Professional Army
420 Seafaring Economy Espionage Military
1,032 Foreign Cultures Economy Science Siege
1,204 Seafaring Improved Resource Gathering Science Military
1,428 Seafaring Economy Polytheism Military
2,236 Pitch Geometry Science Code of Honour
2,652 Seafaring Economy Ink Military
2,836 Seafaring Economy Government Formation Military
3,264 Market Economy Science Ballistics
3,672 Seafaring Architecture Science Military
4,320 Seafaring Economy Invention Military
7,020 Greek Fire Economy Science Law of the Lever
7,200 Seafaring Holiday Science Military
8,242 Seafaring Legislation Science Military
8,694 Seafaring Economy Cultural Exchange Military
9,936 Counterweight Economy Science Military
10,764 Seafaring Culinary Specialties Science Military
11,592 Seafaring Economy Science Governor
14,952 Seafaring Economy Anatomy Military
17,064 Diplomacy Economy Science Military
19,908 Seafaring Helping Hands Science Pyrotechnics
21,360 Seafaring Economy Optics (1st)
Experiments (2nd)
25,632 Sea Charts Spirit Level Science Logistics
31,968 Seafaring Economy Mechanical Pen Military
38,400 Paddle Wheel Engine Economy Science Gunpowder
46,848 Seafaring Economy Bird's Flight Military
48,000 Seafaring Wine Cellars (1st)
Waste Dump (2nd)
Science Military
53,000 Caulking Economy Science Military
56,000 Seafaring Soldier Exchange Science Military
93,240 Mortar Attachment Economy Science Military
98,000 Seafaring Economy Archiving Military
106,560 Seafaring Bureaucracy Science Robotics
120,000 Massive Ram Economy Science Military
144,720 Seafaring Economy Letter Chute Military
202,074 Seafaring Economy State Religion Military
209,040 Seafaring Economy Science Canon Casting
209,880 Seafaring Economy Pressure Chamber Military
241,200 Seafaring Utopia Science Military
444,000 Seafaring Economy The Archimedic Principle Military
475,000 Offshore Base Economy Science Military
Research small Seafaring Economy Science Military
Researches and Costs