Government Formation
Science research
Research Points:
Requires: 2,836 Research small
Accumulated: ( 7,390 Research small)
 Science : Ink (Research)
 Science : Invention (Research)

Revolution to change Government's
Dictatorship (Government)
Oligarchy (Government)
Scientists (Accumulated)
56 (147)
Levels of research:


We have been thinking about the fact that a different form of government could give us special advantages.  To do so there would be quite a lot to organize and we would possibly have to cut down on some staff, but it would be great to have that kind of government.


Allows: Starting a Revolution:
Allowing: Change your form of Government:
  1. Dictatorship (Government).
  2. Oligarchy (Government).

Total score & Scientists

All researches give you 0.02 Scientists points for every Research small spent on any of them.  This is added to your Total score points.

  • This means that you will earn 1 Scientists & Total score point for every 50 Research small you spend.

Levels of research

You will earn 4 Levels of research points for every research you complete, no matter how many  Research small are required to complete it or which group it belongs to.

Other Science researches

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