Militaristic Future (1st Level)
Military research
Research Points:
Requires: 532,800 532,800 Research Point(s)
Accumulated: ( 957,852 957,852 Research Point(s))
 Seafaring : Offshore Base (Research)
 Economy : Utopia (Research)
 Science : The Archimedean Principle / The Archimedic Principle (Research)
 Military : Cannon Casting / Canon Casting (Research)
 Military : Militaristic Future (2nd Level) (Research)

- 2% upkeep for units
Scientists (Accumulated)
10,656 (19,157)
Levels of research:


Our war machines are stronger and mightier than ever before and our armies are perfectly organized!  Our civil servants managing the military have everything under control and thus the upkeep costs can be lowered.


Reduces the upkeep cost for military units by - 2%.

Cumulative with Maps' - 2%.
Cumulative with Code of Honor's - 4%.
Cumulative with Logistics' - 8%.

All researches give you 0.02 Scientists points for every 1 Research Point(s) spent on any of them.  This is added to your Total score points.

  • This means that you will earn 1 Scientists & Total score point for every 50 50 Research Point(s) you spend.

Levels of research

You will earn 4 Levels of research points for every research you complete, no matter how many  Research Point(s) are required to complete it or which group it belongs to.

Other Military researches