Mortar Attachment
Seafaring research
Research Points:
Requires: 93,240 Research small
Accumulated: ( 251,246 Research small)
 Seafaring : Caulking (Research)
 Science : Optics (Research)
 Seafaring : Massive Ram (Research)

Mortar Ship's
Scientists (Accumulated)
1,864 (5,024)
Levels of research:


This mortar is so huge, that not even Hercules could drag it along.  Only an armored steam ship is strong enough to carry it and all the huge balls it can fire at our enemies.


Allows: Construction of Mortar Ship's in the Shipyard.

Total score & Scientists

All researches give you 0.02 Scientists points for every Research small spent on any of them.  This is added to your Total score points.

  • This means that you will earn 1 Scientists & Total score point for every 50 Research small you spend.

Levels of research

You will earn 4 Levels of research points for every research you complete, no matter how many  Research small are required to complete it or which group it belongs to.

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