Economy research
Research Points:
Requires: 56 Research small
Accumulated: ( 92 Research small)
 Economy : Pulley (Research)
 Seafaring : Expansion (Research)
 Economy : Wine Culture (Research)

Trading post's (Building)
Production of Luxury Good's
 Science : Espionage (Research)
 Military : Professional Army (Research)
Scientists (Accumulated)
1 (1)
Levels of research:


The earth is full of valuable treasures!  We have learned how to mine sulphur and crystal glass and how to chisel marble off rocks.  We are also growing wonderful vines on the fertile land on our hills which produce delicious wine!  A new era of prosperity will dawn on us when we start using these treasures.  We can then sell goods at a Trading post and buy what we need from foreign traders.


  1. Construction of Trading post's.
  2. Production of Luxury Good's.
  • Gives: 130 Wine small 130 Marble small 130 Crystal small 130 Sulphur small

Total score & Scientists

All researches give you 0.02 Scientists points for every Research small spent on any of them.  This is added to your Total score points.

  • This means that you will earn 1 Scientists & Total score point for every 50 Research small you spend.

Levels of research

You will earn 4 Levels of research points for every research you complete, no matter how many  Research small are required to complete it or which group it belongs to.

Other Economy researches

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